Did you know that only 4% of businesses in the US with 20 or more employees are currently using marketing automation? Furthermore, for companies outside of the technology sector, that number drops to 3%. So what is holding so many brands back?

Many businesses are still unsure about when exactly is the right time to implement a marketing automation strategy and that may be playing a critical role in why so few have adopted automation tools.

However, if you’ve helped your clients establish their customer journey and you’re ready to increase your brand leads and conversion rates, then it’s never been a better time to consider automating your marketing efforts.

That’s where the following marketing automation statistics come in. If you need to convince your clients, or even your own boss, that it’s time to start automating your marketing campaign, here are some key reasons backed by statistics to show them.

Automation = Less repetition, more time for strategy

According to The Lenskold Group, 45% of those using marketing automation are using it to repurpose their content to continue generating value from it and to be more efficient.

In addition to aiding content recycling, 88% of marketers said automation helps them reduce the time they spend on preparing reports and analysis, therefore providing them with more time for campaign strategy.

Automation increases leads

According to VentureBeat Analyst Andrew Jones, 80% of those using marketing automation saw increased leads, and 77% saw increased conversions. In fact, companies that use marketing automation can generate twice as many leads as those relying on email software only.

Not only can automation help increase the quantity of leads coming in, but it can also help generate leads at a lower cost. Forrester Research discovered that companies which excelled in lead nurturing were able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost per lead.

Automation saves time

74% of marketers claim that the biggest benefit of automation is saving time. This came before increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, such as upselling (58%).

When marketers automate their social media posts and ads, it’s possible to save more than 6 hours per week. By automating outreach and follow up email efforts, reply rates can increase by a whopping 250%. Many marketers also saved 80% more time by setting client appointments or meetings with an automated tool.

Automation provides an edge over competition

For marketers, it can be tough to break through all of the marketing noise online. 63% of companies in Lenskold’s Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, however, are outgrowing their competitors by utilizing automation in their marketing strategies.

Pardot reports that 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation tactics for two years or more. Now is the time to consider how automation can help your brand get an edge over your competitors before they beat you to the punch.

Automation helps keep existing customers

Marketing software company, Pardot, discovered that small businesses using automation gained approximately 50% of their revenue from existing customers. On the other hand, for small businesses that did not utilize automation, this number dropped to 30%.

Automation can help marketers spend less time on acquiring new customers which more often than not, tends to be more expensive than retaining existing customers.

The use of marketing automation tools is on the rise

The use of marketing automation tools is on the rise, according to ClickZ. In fact, as many as 59% of Fortune 500 companies already use marketing automation – and for good reason. Study after study indicates that marketing automation can deliver an impressive ROI.

When it comes to marketing automation, the numbers don’t lie. Marketers that use automated tools are not only able to improve their efficiency, but they’re also able to save time and make their jobs easier. The adoption of marketing automation tools is also on the rise, and those that do not take advantage now may find themselves left behind.

Automation tools can help your team automate most, if not all, the redundant tasks that are eating up the most hours of your day. However, finding the right automation tool takes time, so it’s important that your tool can be easily integrated with your team.

This post originally appeared on blog.gainapp.com.

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