Crypto presales were all the rage last year, providing a compelling way for investors to gain exposure to exciting projects before they officially launch. Although presales are inherently risky, they can provide exceptional returns in the instances where the project takes off and lists on crypto exchanges.

This guide will discuss the best crypto presale to invest in for 2023, highlighting which projects are attracting the most attention before exploring the factors to keep in mind when searching for crypto presales with high-value potential.

The Best Crypto Presales List

Risk-seeking investors looking to buy cryptocurrency may naturally gravitate towards presales, as it’s not uncommon for these projects to showcase triple-digit (or even quadruple-digit) returns once they start picking up momentum. With that in mind, presented below is a selection of the best crypto presales: 

  1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best Meme Coin Presale
  2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – New Metaverse Game
  3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Upgraded Token with Exciting New Use Cases
  4. EstateX (ESX) – New Crypto Presale in the Real Estate Niche
  5. BabyApeCoin (BAPE) – Top Presale Cryptocurrency with ‘Meme Coin’ Potential
  6. LunaOne (XLN) – Exciting Metaverse Project with Web 3.0 Integration
  7. Sleep Care (SLEEP) – World’s First ‘Sleep-to-Earn’ Crypto Project
  8. Avoteo (AVO) – Best Crypto Presale to Invest In for Crowdfunding
  9. Leshy Inu (LES) – Popular Meme Coin Crypto Presale
  10. Crimecoin (CRM) – Best Crypto Presale 2023 for Accessibility
  11. WagerGang (GANG) – Innovative Crypto Presale Project for Sports Betting

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Token Presales Right Now

Many of the best altcoins that we see on the market today got their start through a successful presale phase – highlighting the vast potential that some of these projects may have. Let’s take a closer look at these cryptocurrency presale projects, exploring their features, development teams, and price prospects.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best Meme Coin Presale

Dogecoin went on one of the most explosive bull runs in history, followed shortly after Shiba Inu – meme coins clearly have mass appeal and perform well in bull markets, whatever investors may think of them.

However they tend to give back all of those gains and completely retrace – whether due to having a huge supply (one quadrillion for SHIB), being inflationary (Dogecoin’s 100 billion supply has now inflated to 132 billion) or lacking enough of a use case and utility to hold their value.

Tamadoge aims to address that by adding the popular play to earn mechanic into the meme token format – and is currently in the initial phase of its presale, an early beta sale after which the TAMA token presale price will increase.


A play on ‘Tamagotchi’, this P2E games platform will also incorporate NFTs – to represent the doge pets users will mint, train, breed and do battle with to top the leaderboard and earn TAMA rewards.

Its native currency Tamadoge (TAMA) is also deflationary – with a 5% burn mechanism applied to all in-game purchases via the Tamadoge store to buy pet food. Its maximum supply will also be capped from the start at only 2 billion TAMA coins.

An ERC-20 token, TAMA will be listed on Uniswap after the presale ends and has already confirmed its first CEX listing on LBank which will add a higher trading volume and upside potential for this new crypto asset in Q4 2022 and into 2023.

Find the roadmap and whitepaper at and a step by step guide to buying TAMA using a MetaMask wallet and Ethereum. It’s also possible to buy TAMA using USDT or a debit / credit card via Transak. So far the TAMA beta sale has raised over $300,000.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – New Metaverse Game

Battle Infinity logoAs most crypto investors will know, the concept of the ‘metaverse’ exploded in 2021, providing a platform for hundreds of exciting projects to launch. Battle Infinity looks to take this one step further by combining a rich virtual world with exciting ‘play-to-earn’ (P2E) elements to create a unique user experience.

Battle Infinity’s virtual world is titled ‘The Battle Arena’ and offers six different platforms within the ecosystem. One of the most prominent is the ‘IBAT Premier League’, a blockchain-based fantasy sports game allowing users to construct their teams and win prizes. Notably, all in-game players are structured as NFTs, providing scope for a self-sustaining marketplace to develop. As a result, many crypto-hungry traders consider Battle Infinity to be the best metaverse platform of 2023.

Battle Infinity

Alongside the IBAT Premier League, Battle Infinity also offers one of the best DeFi exchanges (IBAT Battle Swap), a multiplayer game store, a staking platform, and a built-in NFT marketplace. Users can also create their own customizable avatars, allowing them to interact with others within the Battle Infinity metaverse.

The key to this metaverse is the $IBAT token, a BEP-20 token used for rewards distribution and staking. $IBAT can also be used to advertise on in-world virtual billboards, creating another pathway for monetization.

The Battle Infinity project has been KYC-verified by CoinSniper and audited by Those interested in this crypto presale can find out more by joining Battle Infinity’s official Telegram group.

The IBAT presale has now sold out due to unprecedented demand but will be listed on PancakeSwap to buy shortly.

3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Upgraded Token with Exciting New Use Cases

Lucky Block logoAnother crypto presale to keep an eye on is Lucky Block. Although Lucky Block isn’t technically a ‘presale’, the developers of this hugely-successful project have just launched the long-awaited ‘LBLOCK v2’ token. This token solves many of the issues preventing the original LBLOCK from being listed on major exchanges – meaning the path is now clear for growth opportunities to emerge.

Those who buy Lucky Block regularly will know there is a 12% tax on token sales using the original version of LBLOCK. With LBLOCK v2, the token will use the ERC-20 standard, with no built-in taxation. This means the token is compatible with most centralized exchanges (CEXs) – and has already been lined up for a listing on LBank and MEXC in the coming weeks.

Lucky Block

The main advantage of LBLOCK v2 is that the token is now much more suitable for traders. Since there is no taxation, day traders can now get involved and speculate on the token’s price. Furthermore, with more CEX listings on the horizon, this will significantly increase the accessibility (and liquidity) of the token.

LBLOCK v1 is still available and will operate as normal, used to purchase jackpot tickets and rewards distribution. However, now that LBLOCK v2 is available, those involved in the Lucky Block ecosystem can benefit from both tokens – making this launch just as important as the best crypto presales noted in this article.

4. EstateX (ESX) – New Crypto Presale in the Real Estate Niche

EstateX logoAnother pick for the best crypto presale to invest in this year is EstateX. EstateX is an upcoming cryptocurrency project that has already attracted significant attention on social media, with more than 5,800 followers on the official Twitter page. The project’s goal is to make real estate investing more simple, accessible, and affordable to people worldwide.

EstateX seeks to achieve this by offering ‘fractional ownership’ of properties within the platform’s ecosystem. These ‘shares’ in each property can be easily bought, sold, or traded – with all transactions facilitated via ESX, EstateX’s native token. Given that the European Tokenized Real Estate Market is estimated to be worth €1.5 trillion by 2024, this appears to be a considerable gap in the market for EstateX.

EstateX presale

All ownership stakes will be hosted on the blockchain, ensuring high safety and transparency. Moreover, investors will be able to trade their ownership stakes 24/7 through EstateX’s secondary marketplace – and can even obtain instant loans through asset-backed tokens. Finally, EstateX could be one of the best DAO crypto projects for 2023, as the community will decide which properties form part of the ecosystem.

5. BabyApeCoin (BAPE) – Top Token Sale with ‘Meme Coin’ Potential

BabyApeCoin logoAnother presale crypto project to be aware of this year is BabyApeCoin. As the name suggests, BabyApeCoin looks to leverage the success of ApeCoin, whilst offering a route to value appreciation for investors who missed the latter’s price push. Not only this, but BabyApeCoin’s team state that they aim to provide better utility compared to similar tokens.

ApeCoin is undoubtedly one of the best meme coins on the market, which is why BabyApeCoin is considered one of the best cryptocurrency presales of the year. The main appeal of this project is its ‘static rewards’ mechanism, which is designed to reward BNB holders. A 15% tax is levied on BabyApeCoin transactions, with 4% of this being distributed back to token holders.


The remaining 11% will be used for marketing and liquidity, helping boost BabyApeCoin’s appeal over the longer term. As with all of the presale crypto projects on our list, BabyApeCoin is still in the early stages of its lifespan, so details are few and far between. However, the roadmap presented on the project’s website lists plans for community events, CoinGecko listings, and even an NFT collection in the future.

6. LunaOne (XLN) – Exciting Metaverse Project with Web 3.0 Integration

LunaOne logoThe LunaOne crypto presale has become one of the most talked-about events of the year, boosted by the growth of metaverse platforms as a whole. This metaverse project focuses on gaming, business, and education, creating an ‘all in one’ virtual world for various demographics. The world will be governed via a DAO, ensuring token holders have a say in the project’s direction.

There will be various exciting features within LunaOne’s world, such as an internal streaming platform that rewards viewing and compatibility with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. LunaOne will also have an internal platform for virtual events and decentralized file storage. Users will also have their own tailor-made avatar, meaning this could be one of the best Web 3.0 coins within the metaverse niche.

LuneOne crypto

XLN, the platform’s native token, will help facilitate in-world transactions and be used for rewards. This token is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring that network fees remain low. With over 7,600 followers on the project’s official Twitter page, the LunaOne crypto presale looks set to be an exciting event in the crypto calendar.

7. Sleep Care (SLEEP) – World’s First ‘Sleep-to-Earn’ Crypto Project

Sleep Care logoSleep Care is the best crypto presale to invest in within the growing ‘Social-Fi’ niche. Sleep Care is a blockchain-based ‘sleep-to-earn’ application built on the Binance Smart Chain, offering a way for people to monetize their sleeping habits. The platform does this by using metrics collected by users’ smartphones which determine the sleep quality.

Users will be rewarded in $SLEEP tokens, with a minimum of five hours of sleep required to begin earning. The rewards process will be facilitated through Sleep Care’s mobile app, which uses GPS, body sensors, and physical activity data collected by iOS or Android devices. Sleep Care will even have monthly leaderboards with prizes for users with the healthiest sleep cycles.

Sleep Care crypto

Due to Sleep Care’s unique approach, the coin is already being touted as one of the market’s best low cap crypto gems. Sleep Care will also include community-based features, such as viewing other users’ sleeping habits. Finally, given that $SLEEP will have a built-in burn mechanism, this token looks primed for value increases over the longer term.

8. Avoteo (AVO) – Best Crypto Pre-ICO to Invest In for Crowdfunding

Avoteo logoOne of the best crypto presales 2023 that has been attracting attention on social media is Avoteo. Avoteo is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that aims to streamline the capital-raising process for startups worldwide. AVO holders can vote for exciting projects on the platform and generate passive income through a useful profit-sharing feature.

Avoteo will also act as a skill marketplace, allowing startups to find freelancers that suit their needs. Furthermore, Avoteo (and the AVO token) is designed to bridge with the physical world, meaning that users of the platform who invest in projects will be able to participate in governance voting and even pay for goods and services using AVO at supported businesses.

Avoteo crypto

Regarding safety, Avoteo has already been audited by Certik and is supported by numerous leading crypto firms, such as Coinzilla and Blockchain Army. The project is currently in Phase 2 of its presale, with investors able to buy AVO tokens through the project’s website. With the launch date set for September 2022, all eyes will be on Avoteo’s progress throughout the latter part of the year.

9. Leshy Inu (LES) – Popular Meme Coin Crypto Presale

Leshy Inu logoAnother of the best cryptocurrency presales this year is Leshy Inu. Those who buy Shiba Inu may recognize the connection here, as Leshy Inu looks to capitalize on the remarkable success of these meme coins. Built using BEP-20 technology, Leshy Inu looks to leverage the strong community of ‘Inu’ tokens whilst offering built-in utility.

The Leshy Inu platform incorporates several DeFi elements, such as swapping, staking, farming, and referrals. These services are facilitated by using $LES, Leshy Inu’s native token. There are 10 trillion tokens in existence, although 90% of these will be burned – ensuring $LES is a deflationary asset.

Leshy Inu token

This cryptocurrency presale is still ongoing, with investors able to buy $LES tokens through the Leshy Inu website. Once Leshy Inu’s ecosystem is up and running, 3% of all token sales will be donated to charity, whilst 0.5% of the total supply will be airdropped to other holders. Finally, Leshy Inu’s roadmap also mentions other exciting plans, such as a lottery and a dedicated NFT collection.

10. Crimecoin (CRM) – Best Crypto Presale 2023 for Accessibility

Crimecoin logoCrimecoin is an upcoming crypto project that looks to educate investors on the history of crime bosses within the US and is among the best crypto to watch. These bosses include mafia figures like John Gotti and Al Capone, along with cartel leaders such as Pablo Escobar.

Crimecoin is already KYC-certified by CoinSniper, adding a degree of credibility to the project. The project’s website doesn’t deny that this is a ‘meme coin’, with a total supply of 1 billion $CRM tokens. Notably, there is no tax levied when investors buy or sell $CRM, which is at odds with many other projects on our list.

Crimecoin crypto

The creators of Crimecoin believe that this will be the next cryptocurrency to explode, with over 37% of the allocated presale amount already being sold at the time of writing. Crimecoins’ presale phase ends on July 15th, with an anticipated PancakeSwap launch on July 18th. Finally, with a minimum contribution of only 0.1 BNB (£21.90), this is one of the most accessible projects on our list.

11. WagerGang (GANG) – Innovative Crypto Presale Project for Sports Betting

WagerGang logoWagerGang looks to disrupt the traditional bookmaker model by removing the ‘house edge’ and making the betting process more transparent. The project aims to achieve this by eliminating odds on sports events, instead opting to use an ‘Automated Play Pool’ (APP). This works much like a liquidity pool, meaning winners receive a share of the pool’s total assets (plus their initial deposit).

These APPs are designed as smart contracts, ensuring WagerGang’s services are entirely decentralized. Notably, all investments in these APPs will also automatically stake users’ $GANG tokens – WagerGang’s native coin. Thus, all users can receive a passive income stream whilst still having the chance to win bets on sporting events.

WagerGang crypto

Those looking to invest in NFTs can also do so through WagerGang, as the development team aims to launch its own collection soon. Investors can purchase $GANG tokens through a regular presale crypto process, which commenced on June 25th 2022. Finally, WagerGang looks to transition to fully-decentralized governance by Q1 2023 – effectively operating as a DAO.

How do Crypto Presales Work?

Lucky BlockThose wondering how to invest in cryptocurrency for maximum gains may naturally move towards crypto presales due to their inherent price potential. Put simply, crypto presales are a way for development teams to raise capital and boost the ‘hype’ surrounding an upcoming crypto project. These presales occur before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) takes place and usually offer tokens at a discounted rate.

A great example of a regular presale crypto process was the one offered by Lucky Block in early 2022. Early investors could purchase $LBLOCK tokens at a reduced rate through the project’s website by using BNB. Once $LBLOCK went live on PancakeSwap a few weeks later, the token’s price surged by over 3,000% – which was great news for presale investors!

best crypto presales

However, although this example is undoubtedly positive, many crypto crowdsales fail to get off the ground. Furthermore, the popularity of cryptocurrency has meant that many dishonest characters have entered the market looking to make money quickly and easily. As such, investors must conduct in-depth research before investing in a presale project to ensure it is credible and has solid potential.

How to Find the Top New Crypto Token Presales

As evidenced by the crypto vault presale earlier in the year, effective marketing can boost a project’s visibility and generate vast amounts of capital. However, not all presales are created equal, so it’s vital to understand where to find projects with high potential. With that in mind, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Research the Development Team

Investors with a shortlist of the best crypto presales would be wise to research each project’s development team, as this is one of the critical factors determining longevity. Look out for projects with teams containing experience within the respected industry – for example, blockchain technology or P2E gaming. It’s also essential to avoid projects that do not have information on the development team, as the lack of clarity can be concerning for many investors. Another sign of legitimacy is if the project is Certik or Solidproof certified – these are auditing services which verify that the smart contracts are safe.

Use Social Media

Social media has become a valuable resource within the cryptocurrency market, allowing investors to connect and share ideas about upcoming projects. The cryptocurrency subreddit (r/CryptoCurrency) is a handy resource, as it showcases daily discussions about both established new coins. Furthermore, many users have in-depth experience in the crypto market, so they can provide helpful advice on a presale’s potential.


Review the Project’s ‘Tokenomics’

Finally, the ‘tokenomics’ of a project are crucial to review, as they help inform whether the token’s price will rise over the long term or not. Many presales begin with a massive number of tokens (think trillions) yet burn the vast majority of them after the project launches. This burn mechanism reduces the supply and makes the remaining tokens scarce – which helps drive up the token’s value.

For those looking to invest in the best crypto token presales, our guide on how to buy a coin before it launches covers everything you need to know about gaining exposure to new cryptocurrencies.

Are Presale Cryptos a Good Investment?

Risk-seeking investors looking to make money with cryptocurrency may wish to place their capital into crypto presales due to the inherent discounts on token sales. However, can these presales be considered a good investment opportunity? Detailed below are four reasons why investors may wish to get involved in this area of the market:

Huge Price Potential

Naturally, crypto presales have huge value potential due to the discounted price point that tokens are offered at. These discounts are offered to entice early investors to provide capital for the project, allowing it to grow and achieve its roadmap. As a side effect, this usually means that the relevant token’s value will appreciate in tandem – which is why presales can be so lucrative.

Crypto presale tokens also tend to perform well despite bearish market conditions, such as the current 2022 downtrend. Investor interest is high in the early stages of a project. We included some presales on our list of cryptos to buy in the 2022 crash.

Access to Innovative Ideas

The cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly become slightly saturated, with many projects offering similar use cases. However, presales provide access to innovative ideas that have not been seen before. Sleep Care ($SLEEP) is an excellent example of this, which we touched on earlier. This project offers a unique ‘sleep-to-earn’ mechanism that isn’t seen anywhere else in the market.

EstateX roadmap

Become Part of a Growing Community

Many of the best new cryptocurrency projects get off the ground by building a solid community. The impact of retail traders cannot be understated – just look at GameStop for a prime example! By fostering a strong community, presales build hype and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and form lasting relationships. 

Generate Passive Income

Finally, many of the best crypto presales to invest in will provide investors with scope to generate a passive income stream. The recent rise of ‘static rewards’ has offered a mutually beneficial way to facilitate regular income payments by implementing a tax on buy or sell transactions. Alternatively, many presale tokens also have a built-in staking mechanism, which tends to offer higher yields than traditional bank accounts.

Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

To summarize, this guide has presented an in-depth overview of the best crypto private sales to invest in, highlighting which projects are attracting the most attention from media outlets. Although presales are naturally a risky endeavor, they can offer market-beating returns if executed effectively – presenting yet another exciting investment opportunity within the market.

Our number one pick when it comes to crypto presales is Tamadoge, which looks to add play to earn utility to meme coins, something Dogecoin and Shiba Inu lacked.

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

Our Rating

  • '10x - 50x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Listed on OKX, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, Uniswap
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption

Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

Our Rating

Battle Infinity
  • Listed on PancakeSwap and LBank -
  • Fantasy Sports Themed Games
  • Play to Earn Utility - IBAT Rewards Token
  • Powered By Unreal Engine
  • Solid Proof Audited, CoinSniper Verified
Battle Infinity


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