While incentives are commonplace in e-commerce strategy, they are limitless in their implementation and ROI. Before choosing a random % or $ amount to supplement your sales tactics, look at your data and known variables to cater to your audience the best you can.


Hilarious comedy queen Chelsea Peretti calls for a discount of 50% off minimum, yet the sentiment to takeaway is that she wants to feel that she is being offered a fantastic deal – not a skimpy markdown. In today’s post, we are going to dissect the art of a proper incentive.
Why would you want to use incentives?

You use incentives to prompt sales; they are used to increase conversions and they work best when you want to keep customers on your site. Incentives can help get your customers to not only buy, but buy MORE.

When do you use incentives?

Place incentives strategically to thwart site abandonment throughout the funnel.

We all know that shopping carts are a major abandonment point, but placing proper promotions, customized to each shopper’ session behavior, is not only better because you are serving relevant engagements to your shoppers, but you are compiling valuable data in the process.

Incentives are like an art for this reason – one promotion offered at one point in the sales funnel can resonate in a deeper more profitable way when placed at another point in the funnel. A/B testing & optimizing accordingly gives your e-commerce shop a better grasp on what your audience responds to.

What kind of incentives should you offer?

There are a number of incentives that keep customers happy, engaged and purchasing. A few of these are:

• Free shipping
Raise the amount of your customers orders by having a free shipping minimum. It’s a win-win situation in the eyes of the customers and for your bottom line.

• Contests
What better way to get customers buzzing through your site on a regular basis? The anticipation of winning a great prize or a super discount is more than enough reason to have your target audience engaged on all your platforms.

• % Off or $ Off
Increase AOV by offering your customers discounts by setting minimum cart value and discount amount accordingly.

• Sneak Peek Perks
Giving your loyal customers a sneak peek at what’s coming, and then an opportunity to get it first at a reasonable discount will keep them a part of your brand.

These are just a few reasons why you should use incentives as part of your e-commerce strategy. With a good understanding of your target audience, and offering incentives that will keep them interested, you will craft a winning formula for your brand.