In a classic example of an ad that really grinds my gears, the new Chase Sapphire card ads take aim at customer service. They explain how difficult it is to get through to a real person when you try to call a customer service number, and how being a member of their new Sapphire card program guarantees that you speak to a real person every time you call.

It’s a shame that we have come this far. Today’s companies are so concerned with growth, with cutting costs and saving money, with putting investors’ concerns before customers’, that our expectations have been lowered across the board.

It’s not Chase’s fault that customer service in this country is worse than it’s ever been before. But don’t rub it in our faces by claiming that a basic corporate function is now a luxury worth paying for.

Companies have had to take so much away from us, that consumers allow it. But consumers are not stupid. No one is sitting at home, watching that ad on TV and thinking to themselves, “Wow, I get to talk to a customer service representative when I call the customer service line”. Or maybe they are, and we’re all much worse off than I imagine.

Companies take away 10 things and then hope that we cheer them when they give 1 back. The new age of marketing!