5 Steps to Stand Out from the Loyalty Crowd

With all the loyalty marketing program competition out there, it’s not enough to offer the same old perks. You have to continuously revise and fine-tune your loyalty program if you want it to be different from your competitors’.

Here are five smart steps you can take to stand out from the loyalty crowd, plus examples of how it’s done:

1.Provide insider information only available to members

Example: Meijer and Thorntons send text alerts to their rewards members before gas prices go up later that day.

2. Create something for loyalty customers that would be impossible to offer to everyone.

Example: United Airlines lets their higher tier loyalty travelers board early.

3. Look at customer service records, conduct focus groups to see how you can make the program better and broaden your perspective on how loyalty customers can fit rewards into their lives.

Example: The North Face’s VIPeak Rewards program lets members redeem points for cool outdoor experiences.

4. Repackage what you already do.

Example: Sephora encourages their Beauty Insider reward members to sign up for free beauty classes. Very Important Beauty Insider members get access to a custom makeover. Both the classes and the makeovers take away the pressure of having to purchase products, so members can explore makeup options.

5. Pay attention

Pay attention to any customer feedback you get. For example, if you conduct focus groups to help improve your loyalty program, be sure to pay attention to points of pain. The responses you get could help you solve issues for certain groups. The United Airlines example above is a way to fix a problem for specific customers.

Get Started on a Unique Loyalty Program
These stand-out programs represent just a few examples of how to uniquely connect with customers who will earn and use rewards. The common denominator? Put their wants first. Keep the lessons coming and find out how to score customers by their value to your business, read CCG’s Have You Scored Your Customers Today?