Repeat customers are everything. Regardless of the business you’re in, it costs less to retain an existing customer than it does to find a new one. This means that your company should be as committed to customer retention as it is to recruitment. A fulfillment partnership may be a powerful resource in achieving this retention.

How To Cultivate Your Customer Loyalty Program With A Fulfillment Partnership

When you sign with a qualified fulfillment partner, you enjoy the benefits of a fully-developed customer loyalty program. Following are some of the features of a good customer loyalty program that keep your customers returning for years to come:

  • Rewards

With an effective customer loyalty program, you have the opportunity to show your appreciation to your customers while giving them a concrete reason to return. By incorporating a rewards system that allows the customer to accrue discounts, gifts and other special offers in exchange for repeat business, you improve customer satisfaction while keeping better track of your customer’s individual purchasing habits. When you offer your customers coupons and gifts specific to their needs, you demonstrate your company’s good will, which translates into long-term brand loyalty.

  • Referrals

If your customer loyalty program is working properly, it should not only help you retain customers but also bring in new ones. Referrals are one way to improve your growth potential while offsetting your marketing costs. Give your customers discounts, gifts and other incentives for telling friends and family about you. Your most loyal customers are also your best medium for word-of-mouth promotion.

  • Reach

Use your company’s loyalty program to get to know your customers better. Gather information about customer interests and product preferences using shopping histories and online user accounts. This information allows you to personalize each customer’s web experience as well as to tailor your marketing materials and special offers to specific target groups. With a customer loyalty program, you have the ability to identify demographics that you could be reaching more effectively.