Do you know what is one of the most underestimated elements in your digital marketing gamut?

It’s your Thank You page.

For many businesses and business owners, a thank you page is something that is tacked on after a user buys a product, signs up for a newsletter, or downloads a lead magnet.

While it’s far better to add a thank you page than to simply create a confirmation message, most thank you pages are not optimized as they should be, making for missed opportunities to build your brand.

However, thank you pages can play a powerful but subtle role in building your business. When done well, you’ll:

  • Build a positive impression of your business
  • Nurture your leads
  • Provide more information to your customers about your brand
  • Redirect your audience to seeing more of your content by linking to your blog posts
  • Get them to take specific actions like following you on social media
  • Track conversions when you use a thank you page

It is critical to build and optimize thank you pages that leave an impact on the audience.

And in this post, we look at some of the key elements of a thank you page that you should use.

Let’s get started.

Redirect to your blog

Once users have bought a product or interacted with you, your thank you page can work to keep them engaged on your site.

Add links to your website’s top blog posts on your thank you page. Once a user has filled a form, completed a purchase, or taken some kind of action, you can redirect them to read your posts. As a result, they’ll get information and stay on your site longer.

Cross-sell and upsell products

A thank you page after a user has made a purchase is a great place to display your other products.

Adding links and images to related products and upgrades can help your users find helpful items to meet their needs.

If you can personalize your suggestions on the thank you page, you’ll be far more likely to improve your final sales value.

Ask for feedback

Many eCommerce businesses use their thank you page as an opportunity to learn whether the user experience was good for the buyer.

Add a survey, a feedback form, or otherwise encourage users to leave a rating to let you know how easy or difficult the buying process was.

The payment process is a critical time where your audience needs a smooth payment experience to finish the purchase. Any disruptions, extra work, or unresponsive buttons will decrease their comfort and reduce your chances of making a sale.

Ask users to reach out

A simple but effective idea is to ask users to reach out to your business for further interactions. You could ask your users to sign up for a free demo, a seat in a free webinar, or for a personalized call.

Once a user is on your thank you page, they’ve already entered into an interaction with you. By offering to continue the interaction through an email or a call, you’re more likely to win the user’s compliance. And a more personalized interaction leads to more trust and a higher likelihood of converting a visitor into a customer.

Offer free education

Create a positive experience and offer value for free by giving your users access to free educational material.

For example, if you run a website on health and fitness, you could give users access to a video series on cooking healthy food.

Giving users helpful content for free is a powerful way to build loyalty to your brand. By giving first, you stand to get positive responses when you later ask users to buy from you, share your content, or otherwise do something that helps your business.

Offer a free trial

For many leads, it’s helpful to get their foot in the door by offering them a free trial of your digital product. You can also offer your audience a 30-day money-back guarantee and similar inducements to create a risk-free way to experience your product.

Once the customer is engaged and has used your product, you improve the likelihood of making them a long-term customer.

Add a video

Videos are the most engaging communication format that exists out there. If you want your customer to stay on your website longer, then add a video to your thank you page.

You can talk to customers more about your business and redirect them to take action. Adding a face to your video will help them trust you and work with you.

Invite users to join your community

A thank you page is also a great place to build your social media following. Add links to your social media pages and invite users to join your groups or follow you on social media.

Add images of conversations and interesting posts on your social media to your thank you page. Such visual highlights offer compelling evidence of the benefits of joining your social media groups.

Another interesting way to build your social media following with your thank you page is to use a social feed tool like Smash Balloon. You can add a customized feed of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube content to your thank you page while retaining people on your site.

Add social proof

Once a user has landed on your thank you page, you can use this as a chance to reconfirm that they’re making the right decision by interacting with you.

Add testimonials ratings and reviews images on your thank you page. When customers see testimonials on the page, they’ll be more excited and ready to work with your product and use your brand.


As you can see, a thank you page can go beyond showing appreciation for a sale or interaction. It can be a powerful way to grow your business if you use it well.

I’ve laid out several practical ways to leverage your Thank You page. You can combine some of the techniques mentioned here to build a great page. And by using it well, you stand to build loyalty and also create further engagement on your site.