We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to gain a new one.” But how do you ensure that your customers will stay loyal? You should first understand how customer loyalty works. It starts with how you treat your customers. If customers are satisfied with their purchase and your customer service, they are likely to return.

Customer decision making is not always logical. Customers make their decisions based mostly on emotion, meaning in order to keep your customers, you should appeal to their emotions. It is a great idea to actually ask your customers if they are satisfied. This is because the majority of business owners and executives believe their company is providing exceptional customer service, when in fact, over half of their customer disagree.

This infographic bellow illustrates the importance of customer loyalty on your bottom line. The information presents beneficial insights of how customer loyalty works, the solution, and the future of customer loyalty programs. Infographic is provided by National Business Research Institute

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