Of all the reasons why customers are loyal to your brand, 70% have nothing to do with the product you sell.

Surprised? Well, after checking these statistics you will see the other main factors that have recently gained importance in terms of customer loyalty.

Interested in how positive customer experience, shared value, and trust can help you earn your customers’ love? Want to know how loyal customers can help increase your revenue?

Find the answers in this factsheet.

The Undeniable Core of Customer Loyalty

Positive emotions are what make customers stay with a brand.

The statistics all point to this resolution.

But how you can ensure that a customer is having a pleasant time on your site? Here are some tools that can help you to reach this goal:

– Live chat: Show your accessibility. Customers need to be able to reach you whenever a question arises; their problems should be solved right away. Live chat apps can help: Moxie, Tawk.to, Purechat, Boldchat, Comm100, Velaro

– Personalized email communication: Show that you know your customers and care about their preferences. Smart CRM tools can help you: KiteDesk, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, SupperOffice

– Personalized product recommendations: Show that you want to make the shopping journey easy. For example, help customers to find products they need by showing what others who purchased the product they chose bought. Apps like Semknox, Clerk.io, Nosto, Certona, Monetate, Barilliance can help you with this.

– Loyalty program: Show that you recognize and value customers who are regulars at your shop. Let them collect points as they learn more about you and gain memorable experiences during their interaction with your brand. Read more about loyalty programs here.

– Customer support: Show that customers can always turn to you with their problems. Never let them wait too long.

– Optimized checkout form: Show that you care about security and seamless experience. If you don’t slow down customers by asking them to fill in a long and complicated checkout form, you can convert them to paying customers more easily. Formisimo’s team is expert in checkout forms. Read their guide here.

– Mobile compatibility: Show that customers can reach you wherever they are. Not just your site’s design but all of your webstore’s functionalities should work on mobile. Find more stats about the importance of mobile compatibility in this post.

– Sense of mission: Share a mission that customers can relate to, for example environmental protection. It can also give you an advantage over your competitors. Why? Because it shows that you have the same values as your customers.

All of these methods make it possible for a customer to have a positive experience while visiting your online store.

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