Customer Loyalty

When it comes to building customer loyalty, you can never do enough. People tend to be fickle a lot of the time, and they have no problem leaving one business because they are treated better, and get more perks, at another business. What you need to do is find ways that you can build customer loyalty, and there are loads of tools and websites that can help. The following are five tools and five websites that you can use to grow a loyal customer base.


1) WalkMe – The key to hooking a customer is to get them to enjoy their experience with your business from the very first moments. This is not easy to do, but this tool can help. It helps you to show users how to find your service, and then make sure that they get what they want from your business. Instead of worrying about whether or not customers will like their first experience, you can work on ways to help them enjoy future experiences.
2) BigDoor Loyalty Program – No matter what you want to get out of your loyalty program, this is one that has everything you need. The platform supports currencies that are not dollar-backed, so you don’t have a lot of financial liabilities. You can reward soft actions as well as purchases, and encourage customers to learn more about what you have to offer.
3) Woopra – This tool gives load of data about customer activity, as well as how they found you. This real-time analytics tool is ideal for businesses on the move. There is great conversion funnel reporting, so you can see where your business needs to improve.
4) Apptentive – This mobile engagement and feedback platform is changing how brands work with and serve customers who use mobile devices. The world is changing fast, and as a business owner, you need a tool like this to help you keep up and not go under. This tool truly focuses on the needs of your customers, which will in turn make them more loyal to you and your business.
5) SendGrid – Here is a tool that makes sending emails simple, even for a busy business owner. You will be able to get analytics for email recipients, reach customers easier, and much more. This is the tool you need to scale email communication.


1) Gift Tree – Again, people like to get free things. It may cost a bit of money to hand out free stuff, but the rewards will be much more than what you spend. Check out the awesome selection of chocolates, wines, gourmet cheeses, fruits, cookies and more from Gift Tree.
2) ThinkGeek – Another great idea for items to give to customers are geeky items. Your customers can “embrace their inner geek” with the fun gifts you give them, which can be anything from home or office décor to electronics to toys to gadgets and more.
3) Custom Buttons Co. – Sometimes, all it takes is a small token to show your appreciation, and customers are over the moon about it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. In fact, it can be as simple and inexpensive as giving out buttons that promote your business.
4) Maggie Louise Confections – If you want to give gifts that are more luxurious, nothing is better than fine chocolate. A great gift is a sampler box, which you can have personalized for your loyal customers.
5) Uncommon Goods – Sometimes, typical gifts just don’t cut it. You want to give your loyal customers something a bit different. This site has loads of great gift ideas to help grow customer loyalty. Items are unique, and created by artisans from all over the world.