I have lots of conversations about the need for a process and our process in particular.

Every one of our client conversations involves following particular steps to achieve a stronger LinkedIn presence, a strategic network and increased visibility

A proven process, that series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end, delivers the desired results. It’s also what people are looking for, especially now.

Even though everyone recognizes the value of a process, most people (including me) find it difficult to implement the steps long term.

Most clients prefer we manage their recruiting or lead generation on their behalf. They recognize their learning curve is steep, their highest and the best use is not acting on the process we lay out.

Our best clients respect and trust the process. They don’t second guess, double-check, change the strategy, or skip key steps. They collaborate with us and manage their part, having informed conversations, and progressing through to a beneficial relationship.

When clients proceed on their own, we often see that they go rogue. They get, as they say, ahead of their skis. They don’t use our agreed-upon messaging; they work from their phone; they type fast and never check their spelling and tone; they don’t personalize their connection requests.

There are specific reasons we provide the direction we do. We want clients to accomplish whatever it is they set out to do. Most forget though it’s not about them.

The person receiving a message needs to glean something from your profile and message whether it’s a connection request, InMail, or direct message.

What impression do they receive in five seconds? Does it provide enough context for them to respond?

Inevitably, they become frustrated and wonder if it’s LinkedIn. They question whether the people they are hoping to talk to or work with or for aren’t on LinkedIn. Those people are on LinkedIn.

Most of the connection requests I receive from people I don’t know provide little context or relevance. I don’t want those same kinds of messages and connection requests going out from our clients.

There are no shortcuts, it’s not how a process works. I understand the need for speed and results. I also know that the results diminish greatly when there is a lack of intention, professionalism, and personalization present.