An increasingly important aspect of your LinkedIn profile are recommendations as they can make a big and positive difference to your online reputation when someone looks you up or does their due diligence.

Recommendations are reflections of the good work you have done, the impact you’ve had on people and the positive things people say about you.

Prospective clients or employers can read them to ascertain if you would be a good fit for their business – does your personality fit, do you do good work etc. It gives them a feel for you, your work and helps them to decide whether they want to work with you or not.

Asking for a recommendation via LinkedIn is simple. As an example, on a laptop or desktop:

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to request a recommendation from and click on More. On the dropdown menu select request a recommendation (see below):

  • Then complete the box that appears, confirming your relationship to the person you are requesting a recommendation from and your position at the time of that relationship.

  • You then get the option to personalise a message to that person asking for a recommendation and we suggest that you do personalise it rather than use LinkedIn’s template as you are much more likely to get a positive response that way:

Another way to request a recommendation is to go to the profile of the person you want to request a recommendation from, scroll down to their recommendations and select Ask for a recommendation. You can only request a recommendation this way if the person already has a recommendation or more.

Previously LinkedIn stated that recommendations made you 3x more likely to be looked at but more recently a survey on trust by Nielsen highlighted that 69% of people believe an online review so perhaps if you’ve yet to get some recommendations on your LinkedIn profile it is time you looked again? I hope this blog helps.

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