We’ve often wondered what the average number of profile views on LinkedIn was. This was prompted by peoples’ assumptions that their LinkedIn was working well for them as “some” people had looked at them (this number varied wildly!).

So, we took on a mission to do a little research.

Individuals taking part in the research were from various sizes of companies, with different job roles and from various locations in the world, and our research returned an average of just 222 profile views.

This led a lot of the participants to realise that perhaps their profile views weren’t as good as they had thought and perhaps they needed to make more of LinkedIn.

What the research did undeniably validate though was that more interaction within LinkedIn will give you more exposure – no great surprise there!

The more you post an update, comment on other people’s posts and be you (act as if you would in real life) the more people look at you.

If you are curious to know the number of people who have reviewed your profile, look at your LinkedIn home page on the laptop / desktop just under your photo top left (or within your profile on laptop, desktop or mobile) there is a dashboard that tells you how many profile views you’ve had.

This reflects the number of profile views you’ve had over the last rolling 90 days (see example below).

If you are dismayed by the number showing, struggling to make LinkedIn work and want a little help get in touch here or perhaps come along on one of our courses.

Whilst we all like to be looked at on LinkedIn, and often it makes us feel good when they’re the right sort of people, there is so much more to it in terms of leveraging the relationships’ you have today to get to tomorrows interesting people and clients.