So many LinkedIn members are interested in having a more regular presence on LinkedIn, but are unsure of how to get started.

Did you know that there is an excellent feature, right on your home page, that can help you (and even train you), with quick and easy ways to keep in touch and increase your activity on LinkedIn?

Let’s check it out!

2.Ways to Keep in Touch

On your home page, you’ll see a box labeled “ways to keep in touch.” This feature provides a list of things that are happening in your network that day that may be good to follow up on.

As you can see in this example, I have 6 events that LinkedIn is suggesting I follow up on.

3.Anniversaries, New Positions and other Notifications

Typically, you’ll see events in this space regarding a work anniversary or a new position. These are great opportunities to send a quick “Congratulations!” Acknowledging these milestones keeps you visible, active and informed about your network.

4.Like, Comment or Skip

LinkedIn gives you a few ways to react to an event by either “liking”, commenting or skipping this particular event.

The recipient will receive a notification if you’ve liked or commented. There is no further activity if you skip a particular notification.

5.Keep in Mind

As you work through this list, LinkedIn will bring up additional notifications until you’re all caught up for the day. Keep in mind:

When you comment via this feature, it is a public comment and can be viewed by their network. If you’d rather send a private message, you’ll have to click on the person’s name in order to go to their profile. From there, you can send a message directly.

You also may decide to skip a notification because you want to reach out separately or not at all. If you haven’t communicated with the individual in a while, or maybe do not even know the person, you may opt to skip.

6.Keep in Mind, continued

As you can imagine, someone may pop in this section that you don’t know. This feature can also be a great way for you to clean up your network and remove people that you had previously Connected with but don’t actually know.

If you can get in the habit of visiting your home page and checking in with your network daily via this feature, you’re well on your way to developing excellent LinkedIn habits! Good luck!