Increase Your Leads and Sales With LinkedIn

Are You Using LinkedIn Yet for Lead Generation_

Is your business ready to accelerate your lead generation beyond a website?

Would you like to establish your brand as an industry expert?

According to LinkedIn the social network, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, is the world’s largest professional network:


In order to attract more interested prospects your business needs to tap into this powerful resource. According to an article on Top Dog Social Media LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective than other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to connect with both influencers and leads. With the right strategy in place you can make this as an effective social selling tool.

Building relationships is the best place to start with your connections and professional groups. By providing helpful feedback, comments, and valuable information you can attract them to your business.

It’s important to make these activities a regular part of your marketing schedule in order to be successful. There are several ways you can attract more leads and sales without directly approaching your network:

Invest in the new LinkedIn Advertising – This tool (formally part of LinkedIn Accelerator) gives your brand the ability to grow your leads, go beyond InMail, generate a sponsored ad, and more. According the LinkedIn, you can use this paid resource to better connect with influencers in your industry with precise B2B targeting. Hubspot‘s sponsored content resulted in 400% more leads within their target market:


Build relationships with InMail – If you are not ready to add advertising to your budget then your business can create a meaningful email to your contacts such as a new product announcement or a new idea that they can weigh in on. The focus should only be to build a relationship and the interest in what you have to offer will follow. Avoid mass emails in order to appear as a spammer, which can also hurt your reputation.

Re-purpose your content – As you publish on your blog LinkedIn also provides their own platform to publish articles or re-purpose previously published articles. Use this feature to bring more subscribers to your website and connect with your readers through comments. Additionally you can track who your readers are through their analytics:


Exchange ideas in professional groups – These targeted communities are a great way to learn more about your industry as well as provide helpful information to others and establish credibility. According to the rules of each group you can share informational articles, and provide useful comments on member posts. These are places to leave the sales message out and instead contribute something of value.

Monitor daily notifications -Each day your business will want to check on your new connections, comments, published posts, and group activity. Be ready to communicate with your connections in a way that is personal, helpful and open. Sharing content on your other social networks can also be helpful in building relationships beyond LinkedIn.

Post something new dailyIncrease the level of interest on LinkedIn with your articles, a video, quotes, ect. As you share your knowledge, expertise, and updates on what you are doing in your industry you can attract more interested connections and prospects. This information can also be promoted on your company page, which can attract a good number of followers.

With these steps your business can attract new leads from LinkedIn, which can be converted into sales as you nurture your relationships. The more effort you put into the process the better the outcome. Use this social network to build more brand awareness as you establish yourself as an expert in your field.