We recently told you about the Open to New Opportunities setting in your LinkedIn profile; an exciting new feature for job seekers and recruiters. While this setting is still not available to all members (I still do not have access to it within my Job Preferences Settings), it is now available on the receiving end as a search filter within Recruiter. This means that anyone with a Recruiter account can now search profiles that have access and have activated the setting on their Profiles!

Let’s take a look at how to use this filter within Recruiter.

Once you’re in Recruiter, you will begin a candidate search as you normally would, by inputting title, location and maybe even skills into your Search field:

Open to new opps 1

In this example, I’m beginning a search for Engineers.

Recruiter will take you to the Results list, where you can view Profiles that fit the criteria that you’ve inputted. For the purposes of this demonstration, I have only inputted People with Engineer titles as a requirement, so my results list is quite large, (over 17 million). When you’re doing these searches and utilizing multiple filters to zero in on the best possible candidates, you will get a much more manageable results number.

On your results page, you’ll notice a new tab:

open to new opps 2

Out of my over 17 million results, 13,816 have activated their Open to New Opportunities setting in LinkedIn. That quickly and easily, I am able to identify the people who are most willing and interested in having employment conversations!

And in case you forget about this new tab, LinkedIn has even included a little reminder about this new feature, that shows up amidst your profile results:

open to new opps 3

An important note about confidentiality: We are very sensitive about confidentiality at Intero. We would never reveal profiles of individuals that are open to new opportunities, as that would violate their privacy. The profiles that you see listed in these images are not individuals that are open to new opportunities. They are simply profile results from a general search. LinkedIn has filtered them closer to the top of my list of 17+ million results because they are the closest to me, geographically.

Enjoy your searches with this new feature. Some very exciting and productive conversations are sure to result!