Linkedin 2013Have you checked out Linkedin lately?

I really believe people are coming back in a big way to this site and reconnecting with business professionals.

In the past, Linkedin was the site where people would go to view other people’s resume information. It has really changed quite a bit or maybe my attitude has changed.

Here are some of the ways I use Linkedin and what I have learned over the years:

Linkedin Groups – Some groups are ok to belong to. Other groups broadcast meeting information. Still others are places where people want to talk about themselves all the time. My advice – Check out the groups and look at the people connected to them. You can always send an invitation or note to someone else who is a member of the same group you are in. People connect with people, not groups.

Linkedin Profile – Update your profile from time to time. It shows people you are serious about your work and your job is evolving over time.

Linkedin Company Pages – You can follow company activity. You can post your own company activity or repost your blog posts or share information regarding your company. It really is the best company page forum with the most gadgets and flexibility for talking about your company. The best part is its true B2B marketing. Where else can you get that type of response?

Linkedin Home Page – This is now my favorite page to go to. More people are leaving comments and connecting with other people. It is refreshing to connect with a few great people. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have their place, but if you want the conversation to be more professional from a “business networking” standpoint this is the place to be.

The other underlying secret with Linkedin that I think separates it from the other social media platforms

Linkedin is highly connnected with email. People will put their business email on their Linkedin Profile and Linkedin will send your connections updates (daily or weekly) regarding changes made to people’s profiles, who they are connecting with, what items they have shared, group conversations, etc. I know I don’t always pay attention to these emails, but the fact is, through Linekdin you get to reach people not only through Linkedin but through email.

In summary, I am seeing more and more people move to this platform and connect with the right people and the right companies and industries.

photo credit: sylvain kalache via photopin cc