Your LinkedIn profile is a living & breathing document. It should be updated regularly so that you are always up-to-date with your latest accomplishments.

Before you begin doing a deep dive into any changes on LinkedIn, you should turn off your Activity Broadcast notifications so all your connections won’t see the changes you’re making to your profile.

(That is, unless you WANT them to see your announcement – such as a new job or recent award!)

Here are the steps to turn off your LinkedIn Activity Broadcast notifications:

Step 1: Click on your image (top right hand corner) Click on the “Review” link next to Privacy & Settings Re-enter your password


Step 2: Click “Select who can see your activity feed”


Step 3: Use the drop-down menu and change to “Only you”
(You can change this option back once you’re finished)


Now, for those of you who think you don’t need to spend time on LinkedIn because you’re not actively selling – you’re missing out on showcasing yourself as an expert!

I’ve worked with C-suite executives to optimize their LinkedIn presence because when prospective clients are Googling your business to see if you are trustworthy, and they see that you haven’t invested in your presence, they are going to think twice about whether or not they want to work with you.

LinkedIn is one of the highest ranked sites on Google. Don’t believe me? Google your name right now. What links pop up? What do people see when they Google you and your business? Even if we aren’t directly involved in sales, we are selling ourselves.

You are your own brand. Invest in it.