With great response to the past posts that identified the top LinkedIn groups for Cloud Computing, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, and Analytics, here is the second of a new series of the top LinkedIn groups, this time for Sales and Marketing. Some are general groups and some industry-specific, but these groups contain some great conversations led by industry professionals.

These powerful LinkedIn groups can be used to research the top trends in the industry, and catch a snapshot of the discussions and opinions of some highly educated professionals. Join them, and don’t hesitate (or forget) to get involved by contributing to the conversation or sharing valuable resources.

1. Group Name: Sales / Marketing Executives

Group Description: LinkedIn’s largest networking group for senior Sales and Marketing executives. Heavy focus on discussions / idea exchange. (It then lists an extended list of posting guidelines and topics to abide by)

Current Discussions: (Unavailable)

Members: 87,347
Group manager: James King
Group stats: Very Active – 525 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 6% San Francisco Bay Area
  • FUNCTION – 28% Sales
  • INDUSTRY – 24% Information Technology and Services
  • SENIORITY – 19% Senior

2. Group Name: Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators…

Group Description: Join this popular group to connect with innovative marketing, public relations, promotions, sales & selling professionals. Innovate with over 180,000 innovators in the LARGEST Linkedin Group to learn & share best practices, ideas, advice & solutions.

Current Discussions: How Search Engine Optimization Can Help You Rank Higher, 5 Reasons Why Relational Email Marketing is the Best Way to Build Your Online Fortune, Massively Increase Your Facebook Fans

Members: 189, 877
Group manager: Gerald “Solutionman” Haman
Group stats: Very Active – 10, 359 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 7% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 20% Marketing
  • INDUSTRY – 28% Marketing and Advertising
  • SENIORITY – 22% Senior

3. Group Name: Medical Device Development, Marketing And Sales

Group Description: A global networking group for Linkedin members currently involved in the development, marketing and sales of medical devices. Enables members to identify career opportunities and to share information about their companies, positions markets and products.

Current Discussions: How Lead Groups Can Maximize Prospecting Results, Looking for DIstributors (wound healing) Worldwide, Get Your Resumes Together: we need physicians and nurses!

Members: 53, 943
Group Manager: Martyn Elcocks
Group stats: Very Active – 4, 766 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 4% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 28% Sales
  • INDUSTRY – 53% Medical Devices
  • SENIORITY – 23% Manager

4. Group Name: Marketing and Sales: Networking, Forum and Jobs

Group Description: Job Career HR human resources recruiter executive manager consultant headhunter staffing hiring alumni education training coaching business internet marketing sales selling promotions online advertising social media entertainment innovative innovator inbound PR public relations…

Current Discussions: A $3 Cup of Coffee?, In 10 words or less, how would you define marketing?, Do you tihnk failure can make a better leader?

Members: 45, 996
Group Manager: John Truiller
Group stats: Very Active – 632 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 6% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 18% Sales
  • INDUSTRY – 25% Marketing and Advertising
  • SENIORITY – 26% Senior

5. Group Name: Chemicals industry – sales and marketing

Group Description: Chemicals industry, sales and marketing executives for sharing knowledge, effectiveness and best practices.

Current Discussions: Chemicals offered for plastic, rubber, oil, soap and detergent industries, Silane, Data report- Abamectin Survey in China

Members: 17,021
Group manager: Lionel Breuilly
Group stats: Very Active – 1,524 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 8% China
  • FUNCTION – 33% Sales
  • INDUSTRY – 69% Chemicals
  • SENIORITY – 19% Senior; 34% Manager