With great response to the past posts that identified the top LinkedIn groups for Cloud Computing, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, and Analytics, here is a new series of the top LinkedIn groups, beginning with Human Resources.

These powerful LinkedIn groups can be used to research the top trends in the industry, and catch a snapshot of the discussions and opinions of some highly educated professionals. Join them, and don’t hesitate (or forget) to get involved by contributing to the conversation or sharing valuable resources.

1. Group Name: Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group)

Group description: If you are an HR Professional in one of the SHRM Disciplines – Benefits, Business Leadership, Compensation, HR Consulting, Employee Relations, Employment Law, Labor Relations, Organizational, Employee, or Training and Development, Safety and Security, or Technology, this group is for you. Linked:HR is the largest professional HR group on LinkedIn.

Linked:HR is also the only place you will find the most active HR Discussions that encompass the entire HR field and industry. Typical Discussions occur around Human Resource Trends and Technology, Best Practices and Benchmarking, Retention, Compensation and Benefits, needs assessments, recruiting strategies and HRIS application software, and other key HR Topics.

Current discussions: [Linked:HR] How do we adapt to the new age of social media? CFO asks his CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?” CEO answers, ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”, What is the most effective way to select high performing salespeople through the interview process?
Members: 729,403
Group manager: Dr. Cris Wildermuth, SPHR
Group stats: Very Active – 182 discussions this month > more info

Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 5% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 30% Human Resources
  • INDUSTRY – 25% Human Resources
  • SENIORITY – 37% Senior

2. Group Name: Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

Group Description: Networking group for corporate HR professionals worldwide. Members include primarily corporate HR Analysts, HR Managers, HR Executives, etc. Our goal is buidling a stronger HR online community. HRStreet.net is a social community of corporate human resource professionals. Our community welcomes: Human Resources Generalists, Human Resources Management and Executives, Payroll, Compensation, Benefits professionals, Recruiters and staffing professionals and more.

Current Discussions: If you could only recommend one thing to increase the chances that your organization would have a motivated and engaged workforce, what would it be? Does your company have unlimited sick and/or vacation days? If so, do you think it works? Why or why not?, Employee with an Arrest Record…

Members: 47, 485
Group manager: Owen Cuevas
Group stats: Active – 27 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 5% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 43% Human Resources
  • INDUSTRY – 37% Human Resources
  • SENIORITY – 24% Senior

3. Group Name:
Human Resources Professionals: THE “Unofficial” forum for SHRM…

Group Description: This Group represents Human Resources Professionals who are members of SHRM. This is the “unofficial” BEST forum for SHRM Members, and one of the fastest-growing forums on LinkedIn. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resource management. SHRM represents more than 225,000 individual members in over 125 countries. This group is not monitored or managed by SHRM, it is a member-based group.

Current Discussions: 10 Ways to Create a Workplace that Shines, ABC- Attitudes and Behavior Competency for Trainers and Presenters, What is the strangest thing you have heard an employee say?

Members: 30, 954
Group manager: Michael Maggiotto, Jr.
Group stats: Very Active – 1, 626 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 8% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 46% Human Resources
  • INDUSTRY – 38% Human Resources
  • SENIORITY – 21% Senior

4. Group Name: HR Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, HR Manager Jobs

Group Description: HRCrossing is the world leader in “pure” monitoring and reporting of jobs, through its active and growing research into all employers throughout the world. We take no money from employers or advertisers so our research results remain “pure” and uninfluenced by others.

HRCrossing serves consumer job seekers, recruiting firms, university career service offices, unemployment offices and outplacement firms, bringing job opening research, employer information, and more to HRCrossing’s clients.

Current Discussions: ( Not available)

Members: 20, 000
Group manager: Employment Opportunity
Group stats: Very Active – 1,050 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 3% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 48% Human Resources
  • INDUSTRY – 36% Human Resources
  • SENIORITY – 25% Senior ; 26% Management

5. Group Name: Human Resources Professional

Group Description: HR Professionals group to network, share ideas, practices and better the practice of human resources in the companies we work for.

Current Discussions: (Unavailable)

Members: 12,887
Group owner: Jeff Seymour
Group stats: Very Active – 237 discussions this month > more info
Demographics of members:

  • LOCATION – 5% Greater New York City Area
  • FUNCTION – 60% Human Resources
  • INDUSTRY – 48% Human Resources
  • SENIORITY – 20% Senior; 33% Entry