3things company linkedin blog header Three Things you’re Doing Wrong with your Company LinkedIn Page

When was the last time you even LOOKED at your company’s LinkedIn page? Do you even have a LinkedIn page? For too many companies, LinkedIn always seems to be “behind” Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social media platforms.

At one point, university students were the main users of LinkedIn to try and find jobs, but now it has become a bustling hub for both professionals and companies in any industry.

If you want to start managing your LinkedIn page properly, here are three major pitfalls to avoid.

1. Your contact page is missing vital information
Take some time to look at your company’s LinkedIn page. Is your page full of holes and missing information? This makes your company look extremely unprofessional and gives the impression that your company just doesn’t care about its image.

The only reason someone would look up another company on LinkedIn is if they had some interest in the company. It doesn’t matter if they’re interested in a job opportunity, a product you sell, or just want to know more about your brand, your Linkedin profile needs to be a gateway to your company.

Take the time to fill out your contact information, company description, and anything else on your profile. Don’t let those leads walk away empty handed!

2. You use the default connection request

Default Three Things you’re Doing Wrong with your Company LinkedIn Page

Don’t do this.

Remember, every connection you have on LinkedIn is a potential lead. Personalize your invitation and make a strong first impression; this connection could very well become a client in the future.

Just because you remember someone doesn’t mean they remember you. Bring up your mutual friends, when you met, and why you wanted to invite them.

Speaking of keeping quality connections…

3. You have too many useless connections
Everyone knows someone that has over 800 friends on Facebook. How many friends do you think this person actually has?

The same thing is true of LinkedIn. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of followers, but it’s much more important to have followers who actually know and care about your business.

It’s tempting to add as many connections as possible to grow your network, but in reality, this just dilutes your leads. It’s always better to have a small and concentrated group of followers compared to a large and unconnected one.

Where should I start?

If you have no idea what a good company LinkedIn website looks like, we recommend searching up some of your major competitors. Make sure your site at least looks better than theirs. If you need a more general benchmark, LinkedIn has created a Slideshare with the best company profiles of 2013.

And if you haven’t checked us out yet, here’s our LinkedIn page!