There are a lot of things you can do to optimize your presence on LinkedIn, and maximize the opportunities for building a network of quality, engaged leads.

One of the main reasons that building a strong presence on LinkedIn is such an asset for business growth is because through your interactions and engagement on the site, you will be building up ‘thought leadership.’ As we’ve discussed, thought leadership is essentially demonstrating your authority in your given field, and, as such, having people actively seek out your opinion and expertise. A lot of the content creation process in inbound marketing centers on establishing business owners and CEOs as thought leaders. Once that’s achieved, people will be more inclined to visit your blog, to read guest postings you’ve put out, and to engage with you.

LinkedIn, with its millions of readers, thousands of which will inevitably fall into your industry sphere, is an ideal place to build thought leadership–and there are several ways to do so, from content choices to what groups you join. As you connect with the right audience in the space that they’re already visiting, and not only share content that resonates with them but also provide advice and ideas as a commentator, you’ll find that those connections will translate into site visitors, leads, and ultimately customers.

To that end, note that this isn’t just about publishing pieces that you yourself have authored; you can and should also share curated content in relevant LinkedIn groups–articles you’ve come across that you find noteworthy or relevant. But if you share from someone else, you should leave your stamp by commenting and sharing your thoughts. Building up thought leadership is all about showing that you are an authority in your field, so demonstrate that you have valuable ideas and opinions to share, and aren’t just copying and pasting a link whose headline looked like it might be a good fit.

To take full advantage of LinkedIn’s prime retail space for building thought leadership, you need to choose the right leader. This should be the one you want to represent your company through this web platform. This person will be the voice of your company on LinkedIn, the one who will post and publish articles, who will comment on other articles and respond to comments on your own, who will engage in groups and build connections.

Maybe it’s you, the head of the company, the president, founder, CEO, insert title here.  That’s what we usually recommend, since your status already lends a significant air of authority and expertise, and no one knows the company better than you do. Or maybe you’d prefer your top marketing or sales guy to engage, since they can better identify who they can work through the funnel. Note that you can have multiple people posting and commenting, depending on the size of your company; if that’s the case, be sure each one follows the steps for an optimized LinkedIn presence.

Once you know who your thought leader is, you’re ready to truly capitalize on what LinkedIn has to offer, and dominate the platform to help drive new leads.

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