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LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B social network and in my opinion, nothing has come close to challenging it. LinkedIn is a great way to increase your network and to build business partnerships.

The reason why LinkedIn has been so successful as a B2B social network, is because they understand their target market and they know what tools and technologies we want to use when looking at ways of sharing content on LinkedIn.

September 1st, 2015 marked the day that LinkedIn’s new messaging experience was introduced. Being able to message someone from your community is a standard feature for every social network and LinkedIn have just made this even easier for their network of professionals.

A new messaging experience on LinkedIn is being rolled out as I write this blog, allowing users to have an easy, two-way conversation with their professional connections. LinkedIn have spent a lot of time (and money) rebuilding their messaging feature from the ground up, to give a more cleaner, user-friendly interface.

Another great feature that has recently been introduced by LinkedIn, is Pulse. Pulse is LinkedIn’s professional news app which is tailored to your interests. You can customise the news you see so that the content you are sharing is relevant to your industry and those you are connected with on a professional level.

You can easily browse thousands of trusted sources, including LinkedIn Influencers and save the news stories that are important to you on Pocket, Evernote or Readability.

LinkedIn has also introduced a chat-style interface to allow instant messaging between two contacts. They have also organised your messages, with the most important ones easily reachable, with the last conversation most prominent. Push and email notifications have also been refreshed, making it easier to stay on top of conversations that are important to you.

Following Facebook, LinkedIn have also introduced stickers, emojis and GIF’s, allowing you to be more creative with your LinkedIn messages. Although LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, you can judge a situation and your relationships to decide whether using an emoji, or sticker is appropriate.

LinkedIn have made these changes to make relationships stronger. In the future, they are looking to introduce the likes of intelligent messaging to enhance a connection and voice/video messages for a more personal introduction.

The new messaging experience has been introduced to English-speaking members around the world on iOS, Android and Desktop. This will soon be made accessible in other languages.

What do you think of the new messaging experience on LinkedIn?