How to Structure Your LinkedIn Profile Summary -- building blocks

Last week I gave you 5 tips on how to write your LinkedIn profile summary. Readers seemed to enjoy having those starting points to work with.

Someone told me on Facebook, “I needed to learn how to do this, but I realized I know nothing about LinkedIn.”

Starting points are great…but then what? If you don’t know how to get from the starting line to the finish line, you’re not going to get very far.

So this week, I’d like to share some sample LinkedIn templates. Essentially these are examples of how best to structure your LinkedIn profile summary. They’re not set in stone – they’re flexible to work with whatever type of LinkedIn summary you decide you want to write. But they’ll take you from the starting point you got last week onto the path toward the finish line.

LinkedIn Summary Layout For Salespeople Or Businesses Trying To Attract Customers

  1. Interesting introduction
  2. Who you help – describe your target customers
  3. How you help them
  4. The results your target customers can expect from working with you
  5. What sets you apart from everyone else
  6. Something interesting about you personally

LinkedIn Summary Layout For Businesses Trying To Attract Talented Employees

  1. Interesting introduction
  2. A statement that you are looking for talented new hires, followed by details of what you’re looking for and a link to the company LinkedIn page
  3. Fun or interesting tidbits about the company culture
  4. Why you started your business, or how the company was founded

LinkedIn Summary Layout For Job Seekers

Job-Seeker Version 1:

  1. Interesting introduction
  2. Describe the work you do and the level you do it at (executive, manager, professional, freelancer)
  3. Specify your expertise, such as your field or industry, specific skills, or any top companies you have worked for
  4. Illustrate what you do currently or what you did most recently. Call out a few impressive accomplishments, awards, or honors
  5. Describe your personal work style and important character traits
  6. Summarize your education and any important work-related qualifications
  7. Explain how best to contact you

Job-Seeker Version 2:

  1. Interesting introduction
  2. Past
  3. Present
  4. Future
  5. Explain how best to contact you

Generic LinkedIn Summary Layout

  1. Interesting introduction
  2. High-level career background and areas of focus
  3. Big accomplishments
  4. Areas of expertise

2 Pieces Of Advice That Will Make Or Break Your LinkedIn Summary

I have two last pieces of advice for you while you’re writing your killer LinkedIn profile.

  • Do not copy and paste your resume! Your resume is a tool for applying for jobs. LinkedIn is a tool for making connections. Write your LinkedIn profile with connecting in mind.
  • Use keywords! No, this is not a lesson in SEO. This is a lesson in common sense. Think of your ideal audience – who you are trying to connect with – and consider what keywords they might be searching on. Now include those keywords in your summary.

Have you had success connecting with your target audience on LinkedIn? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

Photo Credit: A. Drauglis via Compfight cc