On Wednesday I wrote about 4 questions about starting a LinkedIn group every CMO should ask. While managing your own LinkedIn group has many advantages, creating a successful group of your own is difficult—and definitely not for everyone.

However, if you have decided to start a LinkedIn group, this infographic from Top Dog Social Media on the Top 10 Steps to Set Up Your Own LinkedIn Group offers some useful suggestions.

The final, but one of the most important points, is promoting your group. LinkedIn offers a default invitation with the subject line, “Name invites you to join Group” and the message, “I would like you to join my group on LinkedIn.”

Is it any wonder experts agree this approach has about a 0% chance of encouraging anyone to join your group?

Instead follow these suggestions:

  • Create a branded email with both your group and company logos
  • Start your email by telling people the benefits of joining your group
  • Use a custom URL for your LinkedIn group in your email to make it easy to remember
  • Do not forget to include a call to action such as “Join the Group NOW”
  • Distribute the email to your house email list (as appropriate) and to your LinkedIn contacts using your email manager of choice

There are other ways to promote your LinkedIn group (but remember not to be too “salesy” or you will alienate prospective members):

  • Include a link to your group in every piece of B2B content you create, including your blog, e-newsletter and eBooks
  • Post information about your group on other social media platforms, including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages
  • Encourage group managers to mention the group in their status updates
  • Put a link to your group on the homepage of your website
  • When you make a presentation or attend a conference, spread the word about your group

If you read Wednesday’s post, you will recall I cautioned against starting your own LinkedIn group. Before you start a group of your own, ensure you are taking full advantage of LinkedIn’s features, have the resources to dedicate to the group, and understand the member benefits you will offer to those who join.


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Image source: Content Marketing Institute