We all have a finite number of keystrokes remaining in our hands until we die. According to some calculations, I’m good for another 184 million (assuming I type until I’m 90).

If someone asks you for information that requires more than a couple of paragraphs, why use those valuable keystrokes by sending the answer via email to only a handful of people? Instead, it’s more efficient to blog the answer and share with the entire interweb.

Which leads us to today’s post.

In a meeting last week, my colleague Chris wondered how to export his prolific list of LinkedIn contacts. I offered to help and volunteered to connect with him.

Then Sam chimed in that he was wondering the same thing and there was lots of nodding around the room with others indicating their interest.

Here’s your answer lads (and ladies).

Export Your LinkedIn Connections In Four Easy Steps

Step #1: Log Into LinkedIn And Click On Connections

How to export your LInkedIn coontacts

Step #2: Click On Settings

How to export your LinkedIn connections

Step #3: Click On “Export LinkedIn Connections”

export your linkedin contacts

Step #4: Click On Export

Export LinkedIn connections

Voila! You now have a CSV file you can slice and dice in any way you please.

You’re welcome.