I know that since LinkedIn started allowing pictures, things got a bit well, Facebooky. That was bound to happen but pictures are important and for anyone in the a visual profession they are absolutely necessary. Of course, we now can see many motivational “photos” each and every day which does get a bit annoying. Motivational and inspirational quotes are great now and then but I really don’t need to see a multitude of them every time I log on to LinkedIn. It’s a bit of motivational overkill.

Then we have the political posts that are showing up on LinkedIn. Granted we have a very important (as if they all weren’t) Presidential election coming up but do we need to be bombarded with political propaganda everywhere we turn? I tell all my clients to stay completely out of the fray of this campaign because I don’t see any of it as a win-win for business development. Let’s please stop pontificating on LinkedIn about our political views.

Religion and religious pictures are also not what LinkedIn is about. Since LinkedIn is a business to business platform, it should fall under the same adage of not discussing religion and as we already mentioned, politics. I don’t need to know or really care what your religious beliefs are in order to do business with you.

Last but certainly not least, I do not understand the proliferation of scantily clad women showing up on LinkedIn all the time. People are posting these and then others are Sharing them. Seriously folks? While these women and these photographs are often stunning, what have they got to do with growing our business by building quality relationships on LinkedIn?

Let’s use LinkedIn for what it’s for, the ability to reach local, regional, national and global professionals to build relationships, educate and inform, learn and grow and as a result build our client base for our products and services.