Q&A With LinkedIn Expert Viveka Von Rosen

Is your business on LinkedIn? Do you have your company page set up to function as effectively as it could? We asked Viveka von Rosen, author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour Day” to give us a few insider’s tips about how business owners can make LinkedIn work for them. Here’s what she told us:

ShortStack: There are still a lot of people who seem to think LinkedIn is only for job hunting. Can you set them straight? 

Viveka von Rosen: Even though LinkedIn was designed to facilitate business relationships from the Silicon Valley based founders, it was quickly adopted by jobseekers and recruiters. And became known as a job hunting site. But it is so much more than that! Over 225 million business professionals use it to not only source candidates, but find prospects, create partnerships, find vendors, and establish branding every day. As a businessperson, if you’re not using LinkedIn to generate visibility and leads for your business you’re really missing out!

ShortStack: What is the biggest mistake businesses make in regards to their LinkedIn pages?

Viveka von Rosen: The biggest mistake people make is using a personal LinkedIn profile as a company profile. LinkedIn has company pages that you can use to establish your company and your company’s brand on LinkedIn. There are some options available with the Company page that you can’t do with your personal profile.

• You can create targeted updates with statistics.

• You can create targeted products and services pages pointing directly at your niche markets.

• You can create banners with landing pages targeted at a specific audience – for free!

• You can highlight certain employees

• You can upload client testimonial videos

• You can make special offers

All on your company page!

ShortStack: What is the best way to use LinkedIn groups to cultivate both community and leads?

Viveka von Rosen: LinkedIn groups are great for creating relationships because they are one of the few places where you can engage and have a conversation with someone who is not a first level connection. Because groups are formed on common interests, it should be easier to engage with people you don’t yet know. Groups are also a great way to showcase your product and service – but you must make sure not to make sales pitches. Every conversation in a LinkedIn group needs to provide true benefits to the audience in order to generate trust.

If you use LinkedIn as an outbound marketing channel – you’re going to irritate people, alienate people, and maybe even get kicked off LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not for sales pitches! It is highly unlikely that you will sell your product and service just by posting an update. You must use LinkedIn to generate relationships and engage. It is from that engagement that you might make a sale.

 ShortStack: Any secrets for optimizing a profile? How about a business page?

Viveka von Rosen: I like using LinkedIn.com/skills to find LinkedIn relevant keywords – otherwise known as related skills – to optimize my profile. You will want to add these relevant keywords to your professional headline, title fields, summary section, education fields, and interest section. But don’t keyword stuff your profile. Just put the keywords in areas where they are relevant. More on creating a great profile here.

Use the targeting functions on your Company page. Both the targeted updates I mentioned earlier and the targeted products and services pages. Chapter 4 of my book LinkedIn Marketing in our day will take you through that step-by-step. It’s free! (Company pages that is – not my book!)

ShortStack: What is the one LinkedIn feature you think everyone should be using but isn’t?

Viveka von Rosen: I am enamored of the new contacts feature on LinkedIn. You can get it at contacts.LinkedIn.com.  While this new CRM system is not as comprehensive as I wish it was, it’s sure better than what we had before. I don’t have the time and space to go into it, but I wrote a series about it at my website. You can find it here. Let me just tell you it is the best tool LinkedIn has released in a long time! It will allow you to organize, make notes on, engage with, and follow up with your connections in a way that was not possible before! And it’s free!

ShortStack: Who is doing LinkedIn pages right?

Viveka von Rosen: I recommend looking at the company page MLT creative has created. They are a client – but they also did an excellent job! Hubspot has a great company page as does the Social Media Examiner. Take a look and learn :-):



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