How the New Linkedin Impacts Different User Types

By now, about 50% of LinkedIn users have had their desktop interface switched over to the new mobile-inspired design. If it hasn’t, it’s expected to happen by the end of February. Here’s how to tell which one you have now. In the Old design, the primary navigation buttons were Home, Profile, My Network, Learning, Jobs, and Interests. They appeared on the upper left of the screen. In the New design, the primary navigation buttons are Home, My Network, Jobs, Messages, Notifications, and Me. They appear on the upper right of the screen.

LinkedIn is making these changes so the desktop (browser) version matches the look and functionality of the mobile design. That means they are simplifying the desktop features, which means many popular features are disappearing. Here are a few of the features to kiss goodbye in the free version of LinkedIn.

Not all of these features are disappearing altogether. Some, like Advanced Search, Tags, and Notes, are simply being moved above the pay wall. That means you’ll need to purchase the premium Sales Navigator version of LinkedIn to continue using these powerful prospecting features.

So, how do these changes affect you? It depends on what kind of LinkedIn user you are:

1. Low-Level User: Approximately 23% of LinkedIn’s nearly 500M members are what they call Monthly Active Users. In other words, they log in at least once a month. If you’re in the other 77%, then chances are they changes will not affect you very much because you don’t use LinkedIn that much. It would be like the impact on me from changing rules for the game of cricket. I don’t play or watch cricket so I’m not going to notice.

2. Average User: These are the people who will notice the most change. More than likely, they’re using the free LinkedIn or a lower level premium version like Business Plus or Premium Career. Many of the most popular features used by salespeople, including Advanced Search, will soon be available exclusive in Sales Navigator. These users will need to step up to the $79.99/mo. Sales Navigator or give up the capabilities they been using to find new prospects.

3. Advanced Users: Since most advanced users are using either Sales Navigator (sales) or Recruiter (hiring), they won’t be impacted much. Sure, both these products are separate from the core LinkedIn so advanced users will see the changes, but most of them will quickly adapt since it’s just features moving around rather than disappearing.

If you’re a low-level user ready to learn how to use LinkedIn or you’re an average user wondering how to adapt your LinkedIn usage to keep leads flowing, then join me for the first public Social Selling Boot Camp of 2017.

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