Is it really possible to escalate your company’s LinkedIn engagement by 386%? According to this infographic by Quick Sprout, the answer to that question is yes.

By having a full understanding of who uses LinkedIn and what you should (and should not) post on the site, utilizing LinkedIn to engage with your customers is not a difficult task.

Based on Quick Sprout’s infographic, “How to increase LinkedIn engagement by 386%”, here are some facts to consider for your LinkedIn marketing campaigns:

Numbers You Need To Know

  • 259,000,000 – the total number of LinkedIn users.
  • 2,100,000 – the total number of LinkedIn groups.
  • 172,000 – the number of people who sign up for LinkedIn on a daily basis.
  • 7,610 – the number of searches that occur on LinkedIn every minute.
  • 94 – the percentage of HR recruiters who utilize LinkedIn to assess potential candidates.

4 Tips That Increase Your Company’s LinkedIn Engagement

  1. Set up a schedule for your LinkedIn posts. According to the infographic, LinkedIn posts should be posted on weekday mornings.
  2. Consider your status updates. Did you know when you post approximately 20 status updates per month, there’s a better chance of reaching 60% of your target audience.
  3. Know what your audience is interested in reading on LinkedIn. The infographic reports that industry-related articles intrigue 60% of LinkedIn members; 43% of LinkedIn members are attracted to posts related to new products/services.
  4. Pay attention to the type of content you are posting, including links, photos and videos. Note: when your LinkedIn posts are linked to YouTube videos, there tends to be an increased share rate of 75%.

Quick Guide To Finding New Customers On LinkedIn

  • Conduct an advanced search.
  • Thoroughly check your immediate network.
  • To receive a list of new prospective customers, use “save search.”

Click on the image below to see the full infographic. Then answer these questions in the comment box: Have you utilized these LinkedIn tips before? If yes, what were your results?