Just after developing a new employer value proposition, our friends over at L’Oreal have been at it again. In celebration of reaching 300,000 followers on their LinkedIn company page, they launched a challenge to anyone with a LinkedIn account to share an ‘IN’ moment. The ten best moments picked by L’Oreal will then be shared on the company page, which could lead to a nice bit of exposure to a job seeker for instance, given that hundreds of thousands followers could see the update.

gallery linkedin

This is all hosted on a micro-site aptly named lorealareyouin.com where you log in with your LinkedIn account, then say why you are IN – picking reasons such as INspring, INsightful or INternational which I picked. You are then prompted to say why exactly this might be, to which I just had to answer “Because I’m Worth It”.

why are you in

The end result? Well, I picked INternational and this came up. The idea here is to make people happy about their newly generated page and to share it across Facebook, Twitter and of course LinkedIn. The end result will be increased exposure for L’Oreal on LinkedIn and I would expect this to drive the numbers of followers even faster than before (as I write this, the page has reached 320,000 followers).


The idea here is fairly simple, by generating something visual from a person’s LinkedIn profile they will be inclined to share with their networks. We have seen similar efforts by Adecco with their LinkedIn profile to video CV generator Resu-ME and Accenture with their infographic resume generator.

Here’s a nicely produced video from L’Oreal showcasing why some of their people are IN:

L’Oreal will be able to crunch the data of users, what words they picked to describe themselves, whether or not they are followers of the company page, how much impact their social shares have had. All in all, it’s a clever idea well executed and it’s most certainly put L’Oreal on the LinkedIn map for plenty of new prospective employers.