LinkedIn announced a new ad product this week that will help marketers get more bang from their advertising bucks when targeting professionals on the network. Called Matched Audiences, the product includes three new targeting capabilities: Website Retargeting, Account Targeting and Contact Targeting.

LinkedIn’s offering differs from the targeting capabilities on the two other social network giants, Facebook and Twitter, in several important ways.

  • As always, LinkedIn’s audience is professional, making it a great option for marketers in the B2B space. Twitter and Facebook, while they certainly do have their fair share of professionals, do not make it as easy to target them.
  • LinkedIn is really the only network that allows for precise account-based marketing. Company data is simply unavailable or inaccurate on Twitter and Facebook, and is difficult or impossible to set up as a targeting parameter.

For any B2B marketer looking to engage a highly tailored audience, specific contacts, or accounts, this could be a big boost to their ROI. Particularly exciting are the Account Targeting and Contact Targeting options, which will enable marketers to reach influencers and decision makers at target accounts, and specific prospects or contacts respectively.

Ad creatives, landing pages, messaging and CTAs can all be tailored for extremely precise audiences using these new targeting methods. For instance, if you were targeting C-level and senior decision-makers at three major accounts, you could create an ad campaign specifically for each audience. Discuss their pain points, allude to their company’s needs, and write a CTA that will get them to click. Alongside this campaign you may want to target specific contacts from an email list, which you could upload and create entirely new ads for.

Of course, we’re always interested in how new ad products can be combined with what we offer here at LeadSift, to help B2B companies maximize their impact. And we’re excited at the powerful targeting this unlocks.

LeadSift can provide your company with an email list of prospects that have shown intent signals – they have engaged with industry or competitor content recently, for instance. You can then upload this list into LinkedIn, and use it to target specific prospects.

Since these prospects have shown intent, they are going to be more receptive to a well-positioned ad that encourages them to engage with similar content. Or, if you know they have interacted with a competitor’s content recently, your ad can point out a shortcoming of theirs that your product or service overcomes. Or, you can create content that builds on what they have already engaged with, in order to showcase your industry expertise and move them further down the funnel.

All of LinkedIn’s new targeting capabilities can be combined with its ability to target by professional parameters, such as job seniority, industry, job function and more, which makes this an extremely valuable tool for any B2B marketer looking to move the needle on their ROI.