Are you fed up with going to networking events, conferences, meetings or informal gathering and collecting lots of business cards from people you have been introduced to or exchanging contact details, and then realizing the next day that you can’t find the card or the details you took?

Well, fear not. At the end of June this year LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn QR codes in its Android and iOS apps as a simple way of connecting with people on the spot at events, allowing you to stay in touch easily and develop a relationship (business or otherwise!).

It’s easy to use, simply open the LinkedIn app on your phone, click on the QR code icon on the right-hand side of the search box (found on your home tab), and you will get two options to choose from:

  • Scan allows you to scan somebody else’s QR code by pointing the white square at the other persons QR code which they can pull up from their LinkedIn App. This will show you their profile where you can check out mutual connections, common interests, and send a connection request. You can also add a QR code from your gallery from here.


  • My Code shows you your QR code, so you can share your code. At the moment, on iOS only, you can share your code through iMessage, email, or other apps from this page (LinkedIn are planning on introducing this facility to Android shortly) or save in your photos. On Android you can save your QR code to your gallery so that you can use it in promotional materials, your email signature or even on your own website to make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn and connect with you.

You can also personalize your QR code using one of the free websites out there so that it includes your logo, for example.

So, will this see the end of business cards? Probably not entirely – there is still a time and place for business cards and there are still people out there who have not quite embraced modern day technology yet, but it does seem a very quick and easy way to connect with new people.