Business owners ask me the following question frequently:

Dennis do I really need to have a LinkedIn company page? It seems like everything happens from my personal profile on LinkedIn.

This is what I answer:

I certainly agree that the magic on LinkedIn happens on our personal profiles (mainly because People want to connect with People) but at the same time, the existence of a company page is also of vital importance!

So in the video below, I’ll give you 3 major benefits of having a LinkedIn company page!!

Benefit Number 1 – Firstly it adds to our credibility! A well-crafted company page with solid copy, graphics, content and a community built around it certainly contributes to our company’s credibility.

Benefit Number 2 – Secondly, provided that we’ve done a good job with our company page’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have optimized it for our target keywords, chances are that very soon we will find our company page ranking on LinkedIn, Google and possibly other Search Engines for these particular keywords with all the benefits that this entails for our business.

Benefit Number 3 – Thirdly, having a LinkedIn Company Page provides us with another posting platform where we can distribute our company’s content. What I really love about LinkedIn Company Pages is that they give us the option to choose to which segment of our company page’s followers, certain posts can be visible to. We can segment for example by location, language, industry, company size, even the university that some of our followers have attended and several other filters.

Other benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages include:

➡ Provision of the ability to share job openings that we might have at our organization.

➡ The capability of creating Showcase Pages for e.g. different segments, services, products or locations of our business.

➡ The capability to notify all of our employees about our latest LinkedIn Company Page with a click of a button.

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