linkedin leading b2b networkNew stats show that LinkedIn is becoming the leading network for B2B social media marketing. And if you haven’t already incorporated LinkedIn as an integral part of your B2B social media marketing strategy, these stats should change your mind.

A faberNovel study, “LinkedIn, The Serious Network,” presents some compelling numbers that speak not just to LinkedIn’s continued growth, but also its increasing power and potential for B2B marketers (and companies).

“This is a study explaining why [LinkedIn] is no longer just a networking tool, but how it’s becoming a multi-sided business platform that will help you grow your business in the new economy of talents,” according to faberNovel.

Here’s a sampling of the data you’ll find in the report:

  • LinkedIn gains two new members every second and, in May 2013, passed the 225 million user mark.
  • The top 10 industries on LinkedIn include high tech, finance, manufacturing, medical, educational, corporate, consumers goods, recreational, construction and government.
  • Nearly 69% of LinkedIn users make over $60,000/year.
  • 79% of all LinkedIn users are 35 years old or older.
  • 50% of all users are business decision makers.

Target demographics certainly vary depending on the company and industry, but when you’re looking at the B2B space as a whole, the aforementioned characteristics add up to a user base that’s largely appealing to B2B marketers.

We spend a lot of time on LinkedIn with our B2B clients, whether it’s developing company pages, exploring advertising or training individual employees on how to use the site to achieve their specific business goals. That being said, this data doesn’t necessarily surprise us, but it sure makes for an interesting read.

And if you’re in the B2B space and not yet exploring what LinkedIn can do for you and your clients, well, that’s a pretty big misstep—and one that needs correcting. Immediately. Bottom line? LinkedIn is where the professionals and companies are. And whether you’re building your own network, boosting brand awareness or delivering relevant industry resources to your customers and prospects, you can do it all on LinkedIn.

Were you surprised by any of faberNovel’s findings? And have you incorporated LinkedIn as part of your B2B social media marketing strategy?

Image: EvelynGiggles via Compfight cc

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