LinkedIn New Skills Endorsements


They just rolled out a new feature called Skills Endorsements that allows your 1st degree connections to “endorse” your skills and expertise with one click. It is an interesting feature as it allows the credibility that can come from others speaking up on your behalf.

Some might say it is a bit Klout-like in allowing others to say they think you’re good at one or more of your skills. These are skills that you have previously added to your Profile (more about that later in this post). This allows others to say they, too, think you have these skills.


Someone decides to endorse my skills in a particular area I have listed. Again, these are skills I have already chosen to add to my LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t done so, you should as they are all searchable by people who might be interested in those skills, not to mention it’s okay to help people know what you do for a living.


When someone endorses my skills, LinkedIn then sends me an email to let me know someone, or some people, have endorsed my skills.

Here’s an example of that email:

Email notification for LinkedIn skills endorsement

I then click Continue in my email to see what’s going on. I am taken to my Profile on LinkedIn, where I might see a blue box above my Profile that suggests others I can endorse, four at a time. I can choose to follow LinkedIn’s suggestions to endorse any or all of these four connections, and/or ask to see more as you can see in the bottom right corner of the blue box.

LinkedIn Skills endorsement at the top of my Profile

When your connections choose to endorse your skills, it then adds their very small avatar next to those skills in the Skills and Expertise section of your profile.

This is what that that looks like:

The Skills & Expertise section of my profile on LinkedIn


If you would like to endorse someone, but don’t see the aforementioned blue box at the top of your profile, you can scroll down to the Skills & Expertise section of your 1st degree connections, where you will be able to click on that skill, or click the + symbol next to the skill.

When you endorse others’ skills, your name and picture will then appear next to the skill on that person’s profile, and an update regarding the endorsement will appear in your network update stream, as well as the update stream of the connection you have endorsed.

As we discussed at the top of this post, an email will also be sent to the person you’ve endorsed.

One’s most endorsed skills will move to the top of their Skills & Expertise section.

Another way to endorse a connection’s skills is to go to their profile, where you may see a box above their photo that asks you if this person is skilled in particular areas. The skills listed in this box allow you to suggest and endorse multiple skills your connection hasn’t necessarily added to their profile. Suggested skills that you choose won’t appear on your connection’s profile until they approve them.

Here is what that section on your connection’s profile looks like:

LinkedIn Profile with suggested skills for you to choose


If you don’t want someone’s endorsement of your skills to show, you can hide it. Be careful when hiding someone’s endorsement of your skills because LinkedIn has not yet enabled us to unhide someone’s endorsement of us. When looking at your Skills & Expertise section, you will notice a small gray arrow below the avatars of a particular skill:

How to remove a skills endorsement on LinkedIn

When you click on the gray arrow, a box pops up that allows you to then hide specific endorsements. Click on Hide Endorsement, then close the box.

How to hide a skills endorsement on your LinkedIn profile


If you change your mind, and you want to remove your endorsement of someone’s skills, you can do so by going to their profile, finding the skill in the Skills & Expertise section where your avatar shows next to that skill you endorsed. When you hover over that skill, it will then give you the option to Undo your endorsement. The Undo doesn’t show below as it only works when hovering.

How to remove my endorsement of someone's skills on LinkedIn

What do you think about the new Skills Endorsement feature?



Worried about ethical implications?

Follow-up: I’ve written Part 2 titled LinkedIn Skills’ Endorsements: Take Control Of Your Skills to address additional questions.

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