I was showing my LinkedIn profile to a Social Selling Boot Camp class when someone asked;

“Is that your LinkedIn profile or your website?

It was the most flattering question I’ve ever received in five years of LinkedIn training. That’s because I’ve been encouraging people to upgrade their bland, text-oriented LinkedIn profiles for years. The question made me realize that LinkedIn’s capabilities to support attention-grabbing media like documents, images, and even video has come a long way.

Here is one way to look at it. Your company has a website, right? Well, your LinkedIn profile is like your own personal website.

It should do three things that all great websites do:

1. Look great – Adding a custom background image and rich media is the best way to dress up your profile. Some media might come from your company. Some might come from you. Here is a client example:

2. Read great – A salesperson’s LinkedIn profile should be written with their customers in mind. Bragging about how many President’s Clubs you’ve made may be impressive to headhunters and future employers, but current prospects and customers want to see how your can solve their problems. Here is an example:

3. Convert great – There are multiple possible Calls to Action associated with a seller’s LinkedIn profile. The goal is to generate a lead of some type; a phone call, an email, or a LinkedIn invitation. Make sure to make it for prospects to connect with you. Here is a client example:

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