LinkedIn is the king of social media in the B2B world – and for a number of reasons.

The channel can be used as an opportunity to share vacancies within the company and source the best talent, showcase your business’ content and great work, as well as a medium to post thought leadership via LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Pulse.

In fact, when you consider that content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21% in the past two years, if you’ve not been utilising LinkedIn as one of your social media channels, you might wish to think again and start using the platform to share key content.

The company’s voice: think choir

The company page should be used to consistently communicate brand messaging and engage with an established LinkedIn following.

Pushing out carefully selected content – in addition to the business’ own offering –will assist in positioning the company as a thought leader, boosting your brand’s reputation too.

Personal profiles: keep it on pitch

To prevent your team going solo, agreeing on a clear strategy will enable effective accompaniment of content that’s being posted on the company’s website.

Your business’ carefully curated content will be shared and dispersed to your team’s personal networks, spreading awareness of your company.

Your company’s content: less staccato, more legato

When setting out your strategy, it’s important to consider frequency and types of posts.

Content that performs best on LinkedIn includes industry insights and company news: information that appeals to the target audience and shows awareness of the market.

The content doesn’t always have to be sourced from your company – it can also be shared, carefully curated content.

content curation.jpg

LinkedIn in harmony

Who knows the company better than those key players that work day in day out to make it as great as it is today?

By mobilising key individuals to support the brand’s social media activity, a robust strategy that combines the company’s mission with its most valuable people, will propel you to success.

For LinkedIn to succeed as a channel, the company and team messaging must be aligned and in unison – so ensure consistency in tone of voice and key messaging throughout from your company’s workforce.

That hymn sheet could be vital in gaining the next batch of talent, a new lead or prospect – or perhaps a new client win!