Linkedin Company Pages

Are you waiting for Company Pages to come to Google Plus?

Maybe you should be focusing on Company Pages on Linkedin at the present time.

Company pages are not a new feature on Linkedin, but today Linkedin has released a new function on those pages called company updates.

This new feature is really nice. Before, I would go into our Linkedin Company Profile, Midwest Laboratories and updated our status in the Company Text Box. This worked ok for text updates, but I could never share active documents or url links. All of that has changed with today’s announcment on the Linkedin Blog Site, New Company Updates: Learn more about the Companies you follow on LinkedIn.

Now, you can add text and share links regarding information about your company.  In addition, you can reshare that information on your personal profile. Also, other people can reshare information about your company.

It is a great way for companies to share information with other business professionals. Updates can be up to 500 words and different types of file and media sharing are available.

Remember in addition to checking out company updates, you can follow companies and receive updates when information has been added or updated on their company page.

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