LinkedIn High Five for Endorsements
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I teach many workshops and the one question that comes up most often is the confusion around ‘Endorsements & Skills.” LinkedIn announced it has changed the functionality of endorsements increasing the relevancy in your profile.

Giving a High Five

When you open your LinkedIn account in the morning, you are often asked if you want to endorse someone in your network and most people click on the button to endorse someone for all the skills that LinkedIn is suggesting in the request. I liken this to giving someone you know a ‘high-five’ – yea I think you’re great at XYZ skill.
You feel like you’ve just done someone you know a big favor – right??

Well, most people who endorse in this unintentional manner are doing so without knowing if the person even has the suggested skills – so in truth you are not endorsing them in most cases for the skills they would most like to be known for! How many times have you been endorsed for skills you don’t even necessarily have? Crazy I know.

Here’s what you should know:
1.) Skills are searchable & key-word focused! It is great for hiring managers and recruiters who are seeking people wth specific skills. It narrows the pool of candidates.

2.) Update your skills to be sure they are correct in terms of what you most want to be known for.

3.) Endorsements have an impact on people’s job searches, and, ultimately, on their economic graph. LinkedIn said that those with at least five skills listed on their profile receive up to 17 times more profile views.

4.) LinkedIn is utilizing its machine learning to assess which endorsements matter to you when viewing someone’s profile. So if you’re looking at a potential product manager applicant’s information, you might see a plug from the vice president of product from LinkedIn, for example, instead of from a friend of that applicant.

5.) LinkedIn said that endorsements will be prioritized by a variety of factors, including mutual connections, colleagues, and people who are knowledgeable about the skill.

According to a recent article in Venture Beat, “in the professional world, some recommendations certainly carry more weight than others. This is how it works with referrals, so why not with endorsements? It could be a way to promote your clout with those viewing your profile. You’ll also now have the ability to manage which skills and expertise endorsements you want to display.”

LinkedIn Endorsements on mobile

NOTE: Endorsements from colleagues who share your skills can bring you additional credibility if they have many good endorsements for the same skills you are known for. (You will see this in the screenshot from my profile endorsements)
Using endorsements as a top of mind tactic:

I encourage you to be intentional when endorsing anyone in your network. As part of a social selling strategy, I suggest you use endorsements as a tactic to stay top of mind with your prospects. This mean going to someone’s profile and clicking only on the skills you know that have. The person receives email notification of your endorsement.

Don’t forget your soft skills
In a current article from LinkedIn, they reveal the most in-demand soft skills. You might find the list interesting:
Take the time to update your skills and endorsements section, it could improve your SEO for the terms you want to be found, improve your relevancy and keep you top of mind. I think that makes it worth investing a little time to improve.