The world’s largest platform for professionals is betting big that users will spend hours devouring content from the site’s newest integration.

From opening its own freelance marketplace to making online training a cornerstone of its platform, LinkedIn continues to evolve at an impressive clip.

The world’s largest social networking site for professionals recently rolled out its all new LinkedIn Learning platform, even offering free access to 5,000+ online training courses for a limited time to entice users to try it out.

Ever since spending $1.5 billion to acquire online training site back in 2015, LinkedIn has made it clear that it believes online training is a lucrative place to be.

And, with more than 9,000 total courses and 25 more being added each week, LinkedIn is betting big that its diverse user base will be hungry to consume hour after hour of online training to improve their professional and personal well-being.

The move also fits well with LinkedIn’s mission to become a virtual “one stop shop” for professionals worldwide. Whether its finding a job, finding an employee, getting industry news and insights, generating business deals or learning new skills related to your profession, LinkedIn wants to become the end-all, be-all for its 450 members in 200+ countries.

With the recent rollout of LinkedIn Learning, it’s another reminder of how important (and lucrative) Content Marketing and Online Training can be when it comes to generating new business online.

Online Learning = Big Business

With the huge leaps in technology and the ability to create and share online training courses and content, it’s no wonder that the e-learning industry has become a $100 billion marketplace.

It also serves as a pertinent reminder that in today’s marketplace, content has become currency. If you want to buy someone’s time, attention and interest, the best way is to create and share free, useful content.

As Dale Carnegie said all the way back in 1936, your customers are not interested in you. They’re interested in themselves – morning, noon and after supper.

By creating content (blog posts, training courses, eBooks, videos, etc.) that help your ideal clients solve a problem or achieve one of their goals, you win their time, attention and trust.

Old School Advertising is Done

There’s a reason, especially on a professional site like LinkedIn, that the hype-driven, hyperbole-filled marketing messages are falling flat.

Instead, your clients and customers want knowledge. They want systems and strategies that prove their worth before you ask for the sale. You don’t have to give away the farm with your free content or online training efforts, but you do have to give away at least a few eggs and gallons of milk.

It’s a step some old-school advertisers and marketers have a hard time making, but it’s here to stay.

That’s why LinkedIn is going all-in with its new LinkedIn Learning platform, and that’s why you’d be wise to redouble your Content Marketing and Online Training efforts as well.