How To Build More Leads With LinkedIn

How to Build More Leads with LinkedInWould you like to generate more leads from social media in addition to bringing leads to your website?

Want to know how to greatly increase your sales opportunities?

One word will answer those questions: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a premier social network for connecting with professional influencers, but when done properly it can become a powerful social selling tool for your brand or business.

In order to encourage more activity it’s important to engage your network and provide meaningful feedback. There are several ways to reach more connections and attract them to what you have to offer.

Personalize your messages

Instead of a generic InMail or invitation, create a personalized message that shows your contacts that your business is interested in them. This is far more effective than a mass email that appears like a sales pitch. If your business is a part of any professional groups this is a good place to start when building your network and introducing yourself.

Here’s an example of a professional, and friendly invitation from one of my professional group members on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn-InMail How to Build More Leads with LinkedIn

Follow up with new connections

Have you ever sent out invitations on LinkedIn, but forgot to thank your new connections? This is a perfect time to create another personalized message that lets them know more about your business, and how you can meet your needs. If you are offering any free tips, reports, videos, or specials provide them with something special. More often than not these contacts will respond. Create a message and save this as a rough draft then customize it to each new connection.

Keep the embers burning

Now that your business has reached out to your new network and they have responded favorably mark it on your calendar to follow up with them on any questions they might have. This could also be a good time to let them know about a great event, new product launch, or to find out what their needs might be for their business.

LinkedIn followup How to Build More Leads with LinkedIn

Not only does a message like this show that your an expert in your market, but it opens to the door to offer something of value. This can create more subscribers to your business website who can be converted into customers. Be open to any questions they may have, and keep track of all of your communication being sent out with alerts set up on LinkedIn.

Respond to daily activity

In addition to the methods above you can increase your business’s chances of creating new leads through thoughtful interactions in professional groups without the use of a sales pitch or too many links. Also check your status updates for any posted articles that you can comment on and share on social media. It’s a good idea to also be creating these, and soon new connections can be made as your networks sees your latest news.

The key to attracting new leads for your business on LinkedIn is to open the doors of communication in a way that is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. As you begin to contribute your own content and participate in groups your InMail messages and replies will garner a more favorable response.

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networks for joining forces with other professionals in your niche, creating new prospects, and showcasing your business’s knowledge and expertise.

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