Get noticed more often by adding some color to your LinkedIn profile.

How long do you spend on someone’s profile if they don’t have much on their profile? Probably less than five seconds. If their profile is good, you might spend eight to ten seconds.

Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners and the brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. Let’s use some visuals to cue up a more engaging LinkedIn profile.

Background Image

Start with a background image that reflects your personality, where you live, the season, your industry or company. Change them up every so often; once a month keeps your profile fresh.

Background Image

Use a high-res image that you have rights to use either from your company, or you’ve paid to download. Art is subjective, so not everyone may like what you add that’s okay but do try to keep it in good taste.

Once you download, make sure the image is the right size for LinkedIn, 1400 x 425 pixels. Use tools that help you set the right size. Distorted images look bad (sorry no way to say that nicely.)

We buy credits and download photos from Shutterstock and then use their editor to size it correctly. Then I open up Canva for Work, upload the photo and add your logo. You will probably have to play around with the logo placement, save, download and upload to LinkedIn to see how it looks.

Need to know how to upload the background image? Check out our post by a former colleague.

Posts Section

If you blog even once in a while, upload your blogs to LinkedIn’s Posts Section. Publishing is one of my favorite areas of LinkedIn. The images you choose for your blog post should tease, invite and inspire people to read what you’ve written. Spend the time on good graphics for all your posts. Try to stay away from what we call “gummy people” graphics.S


Summary and Experience Sections

Move to your Summary and Experiences areas and add some rich media that may be an eBook, video or presentation. It’s likely that people will check out what you’ve added and it certainly will increase your credibility. If your products or services are visual, be sure to add them. If you are a designer, photographer, architect, builder be sure to show your work.

Color is powerful and creates a response, stand out by adding some to your profile. It not only looks good and anchors your profile it says you are confident and know what you are doing on LinkedIn. Be bold and have some fun.