Getting more out of LinkedinIf you do not have a minimum of 500 contacts on LinkedIn, you are really missing out on a very useful tool.

WARNING – This isn’t the same old why you should use Linkedin 101 course. This article looks at the way I use the platform. I have developed a different approach than most, but I have found that the approach I use is not unique by any means. In fact, the quality people on Linkedin use this same approach.

Add Connections

Get connected with quality contacts. The general rule is you are only suppose to connect with people you know. If this were the case, I would have a tough time connecting with 500 people I regularly come in contact with. I think this rule has held a lot of people back. When you connect with someone, check out how many shared connections you have. If you see more than 30 shared connections, chances are there is a good reason to connect. Obviously, if the number is higher or lower there is more risk.

Start Posting Your Own Content

Linkedin has a great blogging tool and it is a great way for people to learn about you and the information you want to share. I have found a whole new audience on Linkedin that was not necessarily there when I was posting on my blog site. Now, I have the same content in two places.

Share Other People’s Content

This is where most people spend their time. A lot of people share quotes, articles and other interesting facts. This is a key attribute of people who are active on Linkedin. In addition, it shows that you want to interact with others. I use this approach instead of Groups. Linkedin Groups for me, were more about the group leader stating his agenda and other people advertising their own work. I still stay connected to groups, but I mainly read information posted and do not post much information.

Acknowledge People’s Accomplishments and Birthdays

Linkedin sends daily reminders from your contacts of people who have been promoted, celebrated work anniversaries, birthdays, updated profiles. It is a great way to acknowledge someone and show you care about them.

Linkedin Paid Account

The search functionality alone is worth the annual subscription. I do not have Linkedin Sales Navigator, but I continue to think about adding it to the mix. The current paid account allows me to setup saved searches for different companies, especially those companies making a lot of personnel changes. This can be critical if you are doing a lot of business with these type of companies.

Linkedin Company Account

Make sure you setup your account on Linkedin. I have seen a large increase in followers in the past year. People want to know more about the companies they do business with and it is a great way to highlight information about your company. I use it as my new Press Release Platform when talking about new services or major announcements.

Linkedin Personal Brand Analytics

I look at this information on a regular basis. It is helpful to me with respect to the time and energy I spend on Linkedin and I can typically see the results of those efforts. I also get a sense as to how I am doing with respect to others who are in similar positions.


These are just a few of the areas that I have seen lots of results. Again, the important thing here is for you, Linkedin User to find a way to use these platforms to your benefit. If you really dig in and spend a little more time on Linkedin, you will see results.

photo credit: DSCF0093 via photopin (license)