LinkedIn are always changing the platform and trying to make it better and they are changing the address system at present. This means your address on your profile might change but it doesn’t always get the location right and hence we wanted to share how to change your address to make it the best reflection of your local or national location.

To change the location listed on your profile on a desktop or laptop you:

  1. Click the Me icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage and then select “View profile” with a left click.
  2. Click the little pencil symbol / Edit icon in your introduction card highlighted on the image below.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, scroll down to Country/Region, see below highlighted.
  4. Start typing your Country and then LinkedIn will suggest more from a drop-down that you can select with a left click.
  5. If you want to leave it at a country / region level without highlighting a more local reference point or city you could hit save and move on. However if you’d like to you can add a city, district, postal or zip you can do so and then LinkedIn will suggest locations within that zone that you can select with a left click.
  6. You might want to be cautious at this stage as the Americanised naming conventions of “Greater X” have started appearing across many major UK cities so you have choices such as Southampton, England as opposed to Great Southampton Area.
  7. Then click “Save” highlighted beside the arrow and it will update your profile.

From the mobile app on IOS or Android you can hit your profile picture to view your profile, then select the pencil symbol / edit beside your photo to add in your country see step 4 above and beyond.

We’ve got to say it’s great to see the mapping getting a refresh as there have been some areas which have been missed or tricky to access and this (we hope!) will solve those challenges.

We’re less keen on the Americanised naming conventions of “Greater X” appearing across many major UK cities but you need to be cautious here as in our testing it appears that the UK based city names such as Southampton whilst can be selected cannot be searched within and whilst this might be a bug as we transition to the new system it is worth noting and watching so that you don’t get lost within the new address system.