Did you see this week’s video walkthrough?

This week’s walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to add or change your job preferences on your LinkedIn profile. This feature allows you to choose job titles, locations, and whether or not you’re actively looking for a job or just open to an opportunity so that recruiters or all LinkedIn members are able to see what kind of position you are looking for, where, and how quickly you’re looking to fill a role.

Follow along below or watch the video above to add or edit your job preferences, and let your network or recruiters know you’re open to work!

  1. To begin, click the down arrow next to Me in the top right of your home page.
  2. Next, click View Profile.
  3. On your profile under your connections, click Open to.
  4. In the dropdown, click Finding a new job.
  5. In the pop up, you’ll have the ability to personalize this section. First, add job titles you’re looking for. Type titles in the grey bubble called Add title +.
  6. Next, add locations your willing to travel to. Type your locations in the grey box titled Add location +.
  7. If you’re open to working remotely, click the box next to I’m open to remote work.
  8. Next, choose your start date preference.
  9. Choose the type of job you’re looking for.
  10. When your preferences are set, you will have the option to Choose who sees you’re open. Choose from All LinkedIn members or just Recruiters.
  11. When you’re finished, click Add to profile.

That’s it, you’re done.

Depending on your choice for who to see your open, this information will either only be shared with recruiters, or, you will have a badge around your profile image that says “open to work”, and any LinkedIn member who comes to your profile will be able to see your job preferences.

This is so they can utilize their own network to help you if they have a position that meets your criteria!

Our 10 Pro Tips for Adding Job Preferences on LinkedIn

Adding job preferences on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your visibility to recruiters and potential employers. Here are some pro tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out and attracts the right opportunities:

  1. Be Specific with Job Titles: Instead of generic titles, use specific job titles that closely match your skills and experience. This makes it easier for recruiters to find you for roles that fit your expertise.
  2. Diversify Locations: While it’s important to include your preferred location, consider adding a few more areas you’d be willing to work in, especially if you’re open to relocation. This widens your job prospects.
  3. Highlight Remote Work: If you’re open to remote positions, make sure to check the option for remote work. This increases your chances of being noticed by companies offering remote opportunities.
  4. Set a Realistic Start Date: Choose a start date that reflects your availability. Being clear about when you can start helps align expectations with potential employers.
  5. Select the Right Job Types: Be clear about the type of employment you’re seeking, whether it’s full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance. This ensures you’re only approached for relevant opportunities.
  6. Choose Visibility Wisely: Think carefully about who you want to see your job preferences. If you’re currently employed but open to opportunities, you might prefer to limit visibility to recruiters only to maintain discretion.
  7. Use the ‘About’ Section: Beyond the job preferences feature, utilize your profile’s ‘About’ section to further elaborate on your career goals, types of roles you’re seeking, and unique skills or experiences that set you apart.
  8. Update Regularly: Keep your job preferences up-to-date to reflect any changes in your career goals or job search status. This ensures you’re always matched with the most relevant opportunities.
  9. Engage with Your Network: Sometimes, a good word from a connection can make all the difference. Let your trusted network know you’re open to opportunities, so they can help make introductions or referrals.
  10. Professional Profile Photo: Ensure your profile photo is professional and welcoming. A strong first impression can significantly impact a recruiter’s decision to view your profile.

By following these tips, you’ll make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters and increase your chances of landing your next great opportunity.