The world is getting smaller! Not literally but figuratively. We’ve all heard of six degrees of separation where you can reach anyone else on the planet within six relational ‘hops’, or how about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon where you can link Kevin Bacon to any other actor or actress?

Well since last year that has been blown apart as the latest research puts it down to 3.57 degrees of separation – it truly is a small world and that opens up a global opportunity.

As businesses and individuals grow they aspire to do more and get more positive influence around themselves in terms of relationships, network, word of mouth and even sales.

Our capacity to reach others online has enabled us to get even more success outside of our country borders. Within our work in Europe, an often cited objective is cross boundary sales, exports and imports and LinkedIn makes this easy for you if you think about it. Perhaps this ought to be on the agenda for the UK too with BREXIT coming at some stage?

The user base of LinkedIn now exceeds 500 million globally with some real surprises including China coming in at number four!

Our networks within LinkedIn give us three degrees of reach and that can be both huge in terms of numbers, but also in terms of access to industries and countries we want to reach.

To support and enhance this LinkedIn also lets us create our profiles in multiple languages (watch our blog for a post about this soon), gives company profiles the ability to speak the local dialect and adverts to talk to me in my local lingo too.

Imagine being able to look for people you want to meet in countries you want to go to and get introduced (easy when you think about it isn’t it). This is just another way you can use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn makes it easy to use your in-country relationships to get out more and find even more clients.