If you’re struggling to figure out how to drive more traffic to your website. Here’s an easy solution you can start doing today.

It’s Linked In.

So how can you consistently drive traffic to your website using Linked In?

*Here’s a helpful hint – If you go to some networking groups it’s easy to use Linked In as an extension to increase the effectiveness. You can consistently

Step 1 – Make sure your profile is filled out.

Relevant Headline. Tell people what you can do for them. Make it unique so you’re not just another title people skim over.

Don’t be one of those people with a tiny little image that you can’t even see. Go outside (easy to get the lighting right) and take a photo that is clear and looks professional.

Fill out the summary. Talk about what you can help people with. Several paragraphs are definitely a good thing.

Step 2 – Join relevant groups.

Join your industry groups, local groups.

This is the easy part.
Go up into the search bar and type in your industry or interests.
Find 4-5 groups and hit “join”

Step 3 – Post 3 times per week.

If you’re just sitting back not posting anything you’re not going to see the value of Linked In. To hit a home run you really have to be promoting the content you create. Give them as much value as possible.

This involves posting updates on your personal page.

Getting involved with groups. Posting on other individuals questions and creating your own threads. If you don’t put yourself out there a little bit you’re not going to see results. So be committed.

If you hit on a great topic you can create as many comments as possible, driving visibility and traffic to your website.

(extra) Step 4 – Feel free to reach out to people

If you see someone checking out your profile or commenting on the same posts. Feel free to send them a private message and connect.

If you think you can help them out. Do it.

It’s all about giving as much value as you can.