Companies have long recognized the importance of LinkedIn for business. However, many companies are still lagging behind in developing one of the most important social assets available.

The LinkedIn company page is an incredible resource, but many businesses fail to understand why it is so important to the overall digital marketing strategy. Check out the top reasons why your company needs to get on board with developing a powerful LinkedIn company page before the end of the year.


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LinkedIn Statistics

  • Total Number of LinkedIn Users 450 Million as of Q2 – 2016
  • Number of New LinkedIn Users per Second: 2
  • LinkedIn Users in the US 128 Million
  • Number of Unique Users per Month 106 Million
  • Geographical Reach of LinkedIn: 200 Countries & Territories
  • 70% of LinkedIn Users are from Outside the US
  • 56% of LinkedIn Users are Male
  • 44% of LinkedIn Users are Female
  • Average Time a User Spends on LinkedIn per Month 17 Minutes
  • CEO’s on LinkedIn have an Average of 930 Connections
  • 33% of Americans Use LinkedIn During Work Hours
  • 42 Million Unique Monthly Mobile Visitors
  • One in Three Professionals on the Planet is on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn has more than 3 Times better Conversion Rate compared to Facebook or Twitter

Best Practices for Businesses when Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Create a Business Page and Include All Details
  2. Upload your Logo
  3. Publish Content Regularly
  4. Engage with your Audience
  5. Get Insights and Review your Approach
  6. Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page for SEO
  7. Include Link to LinkedIn Company Page on your Website
  8. Try LinkedIn Publishing Platform and LinkedIn Ads

What Is Holding You Back?

If you are like many business people, you do not have the time to develop the skills needed to develop LinkedIn as you know you should. This is where finding a partner who understands the intricacy and power of the platform can benefit your business. If you are ready to get started making LinkedIn a powerhouse for your business, then contact SocialMediaMarketo to discuss your goals and how to receive one month of free social media marketing.