If you are looking to establish online thought leadership—to portray yourself as a true authority within your field—then you need to be using LinkedIn. There’s no way around it: LinkedIn is the social platform of choice for professional movers and shakers, and it is the single best social tool for building your personal brand.

We’ll go a step further and say that you should be publishing unique, compelling content on LinkedIn Pulse. For those who haven’t heard, Pulse is LinkedIn’s blogging platform, and it offers a number of benefits to those looking to build a name for themselves.

So before you publish your next LinkedIn status, stop and think: Would it be better to go all-in with a post on Pulse? Many times, the answer will be yes.

The Benefits of Branding with LinkedIn Pulse

Some specific reasons to choose Pulse include:

Pulse gives permanence. They say that what you publish on the Internet is going to be there forever, but that’s not strictly true: Unlike Facebook status updates, LinkedIn status updates actually disappear from your profile over time, as they are replaced by new posts. For a simple update to your followers, that’s fine, but if you want to publish a blog or personal reflection in a more lasting, enduring way, then the evergreen Pulse platform is the way to go.

LinkedIn offers reach. Not only will your Pulse posts stand the test of time, but they’ll go out to a lot of people. LinkedIn has a captive audience that spans more than 340 million people, all of them looking for helpful information. Why not be the one to offer them that information?

Your posts will be targeted. LinkedIn knows what industry you’re in and who you’re writing for, roughly speaking, and will be more likely to push out your Pulse posts to those who have a real, professional interest in it. That’s the kind of post targeting you just won’t get on other social platforms or blogging channels.

Pulse packs SEO power. Pulse has become such a highly regarded platform that it’s actually gained a lot of traction in Google Search rankings, including Google News searches—which only compounds its reach.

Pulse facilitates professional interactions. Finally, remember that when people respond to your Pulse content, they’re doing so in a way that’s tied to their own LinkedIn profile—so there tends to be a much higher, more civil level of dialogue here than on other social channels!